True Beginner Getting In Shape

I’ve always been in really good shape without having to make my own workout routine (competitive swimmer), but since I got hurt in a car wreck I’ve gotten really outta shape. And now that swimming is no longer really an option I need help making a workout routine.

My goal I guess is to get back into shape. So, build up descent strength and stamina while burning off that fat. If anyone has any suggestions or can give me an example of a good routine that won’t bulk me up alot I’d appreciate it.

no program will “bulk you up a lot.”

its all a progression, you’re not going to wake up one day and find yourself too big. some programs are just better than others at making gains. now give us some background info, have you any lifting history? whats your food intake like?

The first is an exercise routine, and the second is for your diet.

That should be enough for the first six months or so.

Read the whole thing.