Truck Recommendations

I have been looking at the Canyon and the Colorado.

It’s pretty difficult to give advice when you have given zero information. What is important to you?

I’m going with 1987 Western Star. 3406B Cat with a 15 over. Best damn truck ever built!

I don’t know, I love my 2000 Powerstroke, extended cab with short bed. All the power of a 3/4 ton and 7.3, but I can park anywhere.



Apparently, only the letter “c”.

OP, have you checked out the Cayenne?

Or maybe the Canyonero? It has 4wd and seats 35 is 12 yards long and 2 lanes wide.


It appears he is looking for a small pickup.

I’d look at the Toyota Tacoma first then ford or chevy depending on taste.

The Honda is crap as are all the rest.

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I am from Los Angeles. Strictly looks.:smile:

**I am also a wireman so, I do need to carry my tools.

So… mpg, cost, towing capabilities, hauling, interior features, fuel type etc mean nothing?

I think the new Duramax looks sick in white with a small lift and 35s.

I just got this a few weeks ago. It’ll get a new exhaust, cold air and chip next week. Then new headlights and swapping out the mirrors and grill.



If you can wait, hold out for the Tesla. Give it 5-6 years.

I like the space cab utes. Here’s my daily drive. I have so many mods I want to put on her and no cash to do it at the moment! Haha


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Seems as though you are looking for a mid sized truck? You can’t beat the Toyota Tacoma. I’ve owned 3 in the last 30 years. The reliability and resale is great. I ran one for 260k miles with very few issues. I recently purchased a tundra and so for I’m very happy with it as well.

You mean a current Tesla, but used, right?

'cause Tesla won’t be around in another 5-6 years…

Get a land cruiser like a real man :joy:

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I have a 2016 v6 4x4 Colorado and I really like it. It was a choice between that and the Tacoma and went with the Chevy as I prefer the way it looks, I did a test drive in both and liked how they both drive.
I went for a mid size as I drive it to work every day and rarely have a need for a bigger bed, but if/when I get another it’ll probably be a Silverado or Tundra

You can’t go wrong with a country-fried truck that’s endorsed by a clown.

Raptor! If you got $85 G’s to spend on a truck.

What have you been smoking Doc? And I thought I got you on board.

I like what I can see and read of the 2019 Ford Ranger. It’s tough to say for sure until they’re actually released, but I think I’ll be buying one myself early next year.