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Truck Pull Beginner

I started training Strongman recently and would like any tips and tricks that may help. I am the first person pulling in the video. I weigh around 160 and was having some issues with grip and my shoes.

Keep in mind, I am terrible at the truck pull, but the 2 biggest things I think would help is switching to rock climbing shoes and focusing on walking in a straight line. If you start weaving left and right, you waste a lot of energy NOT going straight. You’re doing a good job of keeping your shoulders down, which is pretty crucial, so kudos for that. I was terrible at that part, haha.

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Thanks for the advice. I may not be able to get rock climbing shoes anytime soon but I will definitely work on walking in a straight line. Any advice on what I can do at the gym to improve my pulling?

Do you do any unilateral work? That seems to be the missing variable for moving events, especially like this (I’m guilty of it).

I got a cheapo pair of shoes online. They are MISERABLE to wear, but they work awesome for truck pulls.

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The unilateral work is definitely missing though it sounds really obvious when I think about it now. I would incorporate some lunge work into my training from now on. This is part 2 of that session btw.

I did some more pulling yesterday with a lighter pickup and got a chance to really work on my technique

Partial ROM or Trap Bar deadlift with strengthen your legs. Really, any partial range of motion movement that you can get strong with will help you pull faster. I know people who can squat a lot more than me who struggle to pull a 600lb chain, that I can basically jog with, for example.

For the grip youre going to have to train with a thick bar for your deadlifts.

For unilateral work you can carry rocks or weights up a hill. Lunges wont help you (do you lunge with the truck, no). If you can do farmers carry up a ramp that will get you strong and work your grip.

But it might be a good idea to practice with a lighter load for longer distances.

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I agree with what everybody had to say here obviously you are the lightest guy therefor as long as you’re pulling on the rope you could go much faster without the Rope and maybe a starting block instead Mountain shoes will make a huge difference out of the whole especially your ankles are starting to go in a 90 degree angle you do not want this try some of this I agree with the lighter pulls to develop foot muscle in strong man your base exercise should be farmers walk and variations of it for fun I would take 160 pound farmers walk implements and see how fast I can run a 40 with itI started out doing them in the gym with 70 pound dumbbells not where you start it’s where you end up for assistance exercises try pushing a lighter vehicle and then dragging a sled for time the push and drag it will make 20 rep squat seam easy I see you have some training partners this will help you also without constant tension on the rope it will make you go side to side try some fast lighter hand over hand pulls good luck damn I miss strong man training I have been too kind 2 people and had my equipment ruined or stolen

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I was not able to get mountain shoes but I had a pair of combat boots lying around, the kind that’s made for running, and the grip is unreal. I was able to pull this truck with ease and no slipping. My footwork is a lot better now and I am no longer wobbling and losing speed. My biggest challenge is getting the truck moving as I am a bit slow to start but the practice is helping. Thanks a lot for the advice.

I started using combat boots and they work really well so far, even in the rain.

Awesome dude. Glad it’s all coming together.

Much better keeping your feet from going into 90degree very good the ankle support from combat boots exellent. Wish i would have though of that, bring a few pair of shoes as to every contest. Post some of your other events, i was the 235 pound guy competing against monster’s, so I had to pay much attention to techniques , what does your workout look like, best lifts, etc.

Bigger truck here. The floor was really smooth and dusty so we couldn’t move the truck without the extra rope to pull with our arms. This was insanely taxing but tremendous fun. I will post some stats and workouts etc soon, nothing impressive though lol.
I noticed the other guys don’t lean forward as much as I do. Am I leaning too far forward? I am the guy in black with the shiny bald head.

Did a bigger truck this week but it was a bit off. The floor was really smooth and dusty (again, I miss the road) plus I think we tied the truck off a bit too high so my hips were really high when I was pulling. I have a competition coming up but the truck pull is arm over arm with a much lighter truck so I need to start training for that. This is my first strongman comp so i’m hoping to leave a mark.