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Truck Pull Advice


hi all, the main event I've been having problems with for a while is the truck pull. I was wondering what everybody's specific training for this event looks like. About the only "trick" I've found that has helped me some, is pulling with a heavy tire in training (I obviously don't have a fire truck etc. at my disposal). I've found the tire teaches me to keep a constant rhythm in my foot work.

Anyone care to bite?


Maybe Find a friend with a good size truck and just work on hand over hand truck pull sitting on the tire and attach the rope to the truck, that should help to get the hand movement down for the big harness truck pull. Besides that just remember to have the right footwear and stay low.


Not that I have any experience in it, but yeah, find buddies who have big trucks/vehicles. I'd love to see someone drag my pickup around that'd be the highlight of my week. If you need more, hook up a couple vehicles, that will get the weight up.


Here's a couple ideas.

-You could pull a minivan or suv up a grade, which will make it about as difficult as a truck(except harder after the start because it never really gets rolling well)
-you could change your avatar because it's kinda ghey
-Another idea is to attach a tire to the hitch of the minivan or suv you've got, and let it drag behind the suv. (so you are pulling the vehicle and the tire at the same time). Set the tire so there's a bit of slack so you won't be pulling both from the start if you can't get it started.

A couple vehicles isn't a great option since then you'll need a person in each vehicle. I guess if you have a bunch of people it could work. More equipment required though.

You can park another vehicle up ahead and attach the rope to that.


Like stated above, we attach our sled tire to the back of the truck and weight it down as needed.

It can make a surprisingly large difference in how hard it is.

You could also put the parking brake on lightly.

As for tips on how to do it... it's mostly all body position and maintaining it while you drive.


whats the correct footwear for pulls like that?


rock climbing shoes


Footwear makes a huge difference on truck pull; rock climbing shoes are well worth the investment if you do a lot of sled drags, prowler push, or want to do well in a truck pull in a contest.

I recommend Mad Rock "phoenix" shoes - you can pick them up at REI for $75.

To train for the truck pull you can do a mix of lower body endurance work, and then just make sure to stay low and start off with small choppy steps then extend your stride once you gain some momentum.


What about boots? Like hiking boots or the like. Would they do okay for a truck pull?


Whats REI?

I've been doing truck pulls in my chuck taylors, and been getting nasty foot/ankle pain since.


REI is a national outdoors-y retail chain.



I got some lightweight Asics and used them today. Felt great!