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TRTer Thinking of Blasting, Help?

Some ideas or direction would be appreciated.

Have spent many years in the gym, lost my way over the past few years due to a motorbike accident.

I have been on trt for 1.5years. Getting back in to the gym and the swing of things. Currently trying to strip as much bf as i can before the blast.

Diet macros if i wanted to consume 3800cals
10% carbs
42% protein
48% fat

However, at this point I’m think of building the caloric intake as required to keep a balance between cutting and building.

Current pharma
125mg e3.5d primotestion or 88mg sus250 e3.5d atm in Australia prescription test is out of stock so we get what we are given.

Now im either thinking of just blasting on 500mg Test E 250mg e3.5d.
Armidex if required
But im wondering about adding something else in given i have been on 250mg each week for the past 1.5 years.

Last bloods last week

E2 170 (<150)
T 46 (10.0 - 33.0)
FT 1589 (150 - 700)
Shbg 15 (13 -71)
Prog 2 (<3)
DHEAS 3400 ( 1000 - 4000)

What are your thoughts gurus?

How long have you been working out currently and consistently?

@blshaw of late really just getting back in to it seriously. I had rough winter, stoped training end of summer. By the end of my cut ill be trowing decent weights around again.

Its not like im going to start blasting tomorrow but getting ready for it yes.

Before that when i was serious i preped for one comp but could get past 7% in time. Then from there just maintained for a few years then had the bike accident.

Got it. I was going to recommend you get a solid year of training back under your belt. Get back to your peak position and then run your blast. Your protocol looks good at 500mg/week e3.5d but then again your TRT dose is pretty high. Have you run any other cycles in the past?

@blshaw, never aas, when i was training used peptides pretty hard. At that time I didnt want to touch it.

But now im prescribed im like meh, no harm now! If you get what i mean

What do you have access to? Are you talking about stockpiling your TRT gear or going UGL?

@studhammer Australia doenst have an stocks of pharma atm. My endo basically told me to go ugl so i dont crssh as he wont support me on a restart. So this has me thinking if my doc is say go to a ugl i have options now

I have 3ml of prescription primotestion left so i need to or now from a ugl to ensure i have test to continue trt at least.

So on that piece im thinking sus250 or test E. The past 3 weeks have been sus250 although libido is here the mrs can get me going but my knob jas been sensitive asf. Im guessing thats a good think, but could get enough enough sus250 from the pharmacy to stay on it 8week to see the outcome.

Primoteston is still available in select areas, you just need to look hard, check rural areas

If you can get Test E, then that should work

Man i have looked everywhere in my areas Gold Coast and Brisbane. Im done searching. Get some ugl if labs support its good enough atm

@studhammer cheers bud, i can quite a few options. So ill start the blast on 500mg test E see how i go.

I was thinking it may be the case as im use to it it may not be as effective. But ill give it a go

The nearest supply is in Tamworth, which is 700 km away.

Hahaha, year not driving that far.

Most of us run Test Eth brother. You’ll be ok

Yea i can get my hands of anything via ugl.

So i just ordered test E and hcg.

Lets see if it turns up safely