TRT without Arimdex?

Is TRT without Arimidex or likewise considered a good idea?

I am asking because my trt doc only prescibed me 1 ml Testoviron depot every 14 days which I found out through this forum is a bad protocol. So I am a little concerned if he gives me the right advice, or is totally clueless and I have to self administer the thing, which I really dont want to, because im kinda clueless on the whole regimen.

You can start by telling us the strength of testosterone, volume doesn’t really tell us much. It’s likely you don’t even have the proper tests to determine the correct protocol for you.

Doctors like to put men on the same protocols in a world where everyone is biochemically different and is why these cookie cutter protocols only work on a very, very small percentage of men.

These cookie cutter protocols makes your doctors job easy, they don’t have time to sit down and figure out you case and you’re lucky if you get 10-15 minutes with them, which is why the cookie cutter protocol was born.

If your testosterone is on the low end and estrogen on the high side, an AI may be needed until body fat is lost, more body fat percentage, more estrogen production. An AI is a good idea if you really need it and a bad idea if you don’t.

Do you know your pre-TRT SHBG and estrogen levels?

Right, regardless of the dose you will not be happy with a twice a month injection protocol.