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Trt with Test Undecanoate?

5’11 225lb 10% body fat

I am prescribed 150mg test cyp per week, no hcg and no ai. After reading some of the protocols on here including the sticky, i feel i should make some adjustments on my own. Whenever i have cycled, i always did more frequent injections to keep hormone levels stable. But have not since trt (pinning gets old). I do experience some “brain fog” and i just started doing some hcg, but just a single weekly shot of 500iu. I was planning to give this a try, and wanted some more expert opinions. Use undecanoate instead of cyp for longer half life for one.

150mg test undecanoate (1x a week)
Hcg 250iu 2x a week

After 4 weeks i can get my bloods done. In fact my next trt bloods in december 3. Should i request any addtl tests? Dhea? Pregnolone?

I dont think my doc has a real strong understanding of proper trt, other than get Total T in range. He initially wanted me doing 1 shot every 10 days. which i refused and said i would do one a week. He started me on 100mg a week and after 4 weeks did bloods. But he did my bloods at 6 days post shot which i thought was dumb. Test levels were still below normal range, and he bumped me to 150 a week.

Test UD at once a week should be ok due to very long half life.

HCG looks good. Some do 250iu EoD. I found this to be too much for me (E2 hard to manage).

4 weeks will not be enough to get you to steady levels with Test UD. I would wait probably 12 weeks. Half life is like 17 days or so.

You will most likely need Adex if you want to keep your E2 in youthful range (20-30).

Watch your hematocrit!
With smoother T levels, it might improve sightly.

Higher molecular weight T esters yield less T.

If you inject with insulin syringes, injecting might not be so negative.
You will feel better with steadier levels.

I am guessing your Hematocrit and RBC are due to recent cycle that you ended? If not, you gotta problem coming up ahead.

[quote]Igs wrote:
I am guessing your Hematocrit and RBC are due to recent cycle that you ended? If not, you gotta problem coming up ahead.[/quote]

I donate every two months and its time. Always high. I havent cycled in almost a year. I have lots of adex and aromasin i can use if i need to.

Ok ill start this i guess. Thursday is my trt shot day

Got bloods drawn, basic female hormone panel. I have extensive labs with trt doc in two weeks. Just wanted to see test level and estro really.

Quick labs. Have doc labs next week and will be more in depth and cover more. Just wanted to see where my test was and estro was.

Been 7 days since shot. My undecanoate is in castor oil too. “Aveed” is what its called here in USA.