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TRT with Small Doses of Tren

Hello guys!

So, I have had a testosterone within the lower range, and decided to undergo TRT to lift it to the upper range (8.2ng/ml).

I used the protocol on GoodLookingLoser for high testosterone, which is 250mg of UG test e E7D + HCG 250iu E3D

Now, I thought to intensify a bit the gains, I could add low doses of tren (such as 50mg E3D). Do you guys see any danger in doing this long-term?

And another question, will I need to take arimidex while doing this TRT protocol?

Thank you very much in advance for all the advice!

Tren can’t be dosed e3d like that. The acetate ester is really short, so guys pin it daily. You could get away with eod I suppose, but it’s not optimal. You could try 15mg ed and see if that does anything for you.