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TRT with Occasional ED and Slight Elevated e2

been on trt for about 9 mo and my doc has been slowly increasing my dosing.


tcyp 100mg/week. I do 1/2cc sq m and thur.

No ancillaries as my doc hasnt wanted to check my estrogen levels.

I am supposed to get a full lab panel next month but decided to go to anylab now and get my free/total t and e2 checked at my current dosing. The big reason is i have occasional ed issues and other times i feel like im 18 again.

my levels are

total t 1012 Range is 264-916

free 25.7 Range is 6.8-21.5

e2. 47.2. Range is 7.6-42.6

im feeling good otherwise. Feeling like my gym progress is much better than my lowered dosing from 3 months back but im still having occasional ed. Not as much as before though. My dosing then was 100mg every 2 weeks but i was doing 50 every friday. Was a chore to get him to up my dosing.

Wondering what you guys would make of it.

The first two protocols are setup to fail, the protocol you’re on now is too high a dosage. You need to inject 40mg twice weekly, I had a similar problem at 50mg twice weekly sexually. Erection and libido were hit and miss. You need E2 between 20-30 which an exception you might need it lower than 20 if SHBG levels are low.

You can’t really design a good protocol without knowing SHBG level, you’re doctor sounds like an idiot and he’s clueless. He clearly doesn’t understand TRT at all, surprisingly not many do. You wasted 6 months on those first two protocols, your levels never spent much time in optimal ranges.

You need to maintain optimal levels all the time before you start improving significantly. You’ve really only been on TRT for 3 months. Quack doctor! You might need to do this on your own without your doctor and run your own labs and adjust dosage yourself.

You shouldn’t have to delegate treatment to your doctor, he should have a fracking clue because he’s the doctor.

Do you have more comprehensive labs?

Post looks a little confusing. You are take 100mg a week but take 1/2 cc monday and Thursday? Usually cyp is 200mg/cc?

So are you taking 100/week or 200/week?

I believe he means 100mg total weekly, 1/2cc = 50mg twice weekly.

While the 20-30 may be the case for many I feel better 35-45 so as I’m finding out myself you can’t always use someone else’s recipe and expect the same results.

I’d agree with cutting your dose a bit to drop your E.

On the flip side cialis has helped me tremendously with estradiol related ED issues.

I am on 100/week. I divide the doses because i want less peaks and troughs but my doc doesnt know about it. I get single dose vials that are 100mg/ml

Be careful. Your E2 test is ECLIA. Don’t make any adjustments until you take the E2 Sensitive test along with SHGB. Your E2 looks high but it is most likely overstated.

Draw contents into two syringes, use the other one 3.5 days later.

Good to know. Ill see if they can get that one the next go around. Im due for a complete panel in a month