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TRT with no HCG? Fertility?

Anyone here running 100mg cyp a week with no AI or HCG?

Doc said he commonly prescribes 100mg without HCG as he feels the testes can “restart” themselves if you go off protocol.

Everything I’ve ever read said this to not be true.

Wife and I would like to have another child someday. Maybe I should bank sperm.

That sounds scary. What do your labs look like?

Test : 203
Free: 9.9
Prolactin: 8.4
LH 2.9
FSH: 2.8
SHBG: 11.2 (Low)'
E2: 33

MRI of pituitary shows no adenomas

I’m relatively new to all of this but its my understanding you should always be on an AI and HCG while taking test, so I’m in for answers with you. Your E2 is within range but on the high end and that could be a problem, maybe. What does your doc say about it? Is it your primary care? I dont think just because he prescribes it to other people its right for you. I think you should have an individualized protocol based on blood work. How many labs have you had? What was E2 the first time and what was it when later checked. Express your fertility concerns with your doc. Make the dr do their job. They work for you. If you dont feel like he or she is doing whats best for your life style, find another dr.

Im not taking an AI for 4 weeks while on test and HCG, but thats due to my E2 being less that 6, or undetectable. Ive been looking around and cant find info on low E2.

HCG is not a standard protocol among medical doctors. Its more used with TRT clinics. Many men, prob most, on TRT don’t run it. However, on this forum, and the general consensus among TRT docs is that its beneficial for preventing atrophy and keeping your body normalized.

Im running 165mg of test per week with AI but no HCG. If you are wanting children I would suggest HCG… or banking if HCG is out of the question…

I’d run Hcg. If you are planning on coming off at some point to have kids, then it should make the restart process much easier.

any side effects from hcg? typical HCG dosing?

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When you spread your case across multiple threads, the big picture is lost. :frowning:

KSman, I know. I need to just create one large thread but had a lot of questions and have a bit of scatter brain right now.