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TRT with Low Dosage Will Shut Down Your System?


I'm taking 60mg of T (gel) per day. Just started on it due to pretty low T and some signs of low T. I will re-vist my doctor in two months to evaluate blood work and also if it has improved anything for me. Is this dosage enough to shut down my own system? Will this mess something up for good?


In most cases yes, even for those whose T levels do not respond, E2 can increase leading to less T than when before TRT.

Based on fT4 from your other thread, this one belongs there, I think that your thyroid system is not right. If you are a poor or non absorber, that might be why.


Ok, but if I stop after two months..my own system will kick in again? According to this doctor he has seen very few with side effects on these doses. I mean, you only get levels that are normal.