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TRT with Least Side Effects?

Hello to everyone
need you all guys advice about TRT therapy. anyone of you is having latest advancements in injection based therapy but with least side effects. sites are filled with horrible side effects if taken TRT therapy. so you all have some or a lot knowledge of TRT injections, so any experience or advice can be shared about how to avoid completely or partially side effects. One more question is when getting off from therapy is it possible to restart natural machinery to produce natural testosterone?
with regard to you all

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The side effects are experienced because guys on put on terrible protocols either infrequent injections (one injection 2-3 weeks) and or doses that are too high, this is what causes the side effects you speak of. I was originally started out on a lower than average dose and only experience side effects when my E2 started climbing above range when I got over 800 ng/dL, so I backed down my dose a little and symptoms gone. You are going to have to play with dosing to see what works best for you.

If you need TRT now it means your parts are already failing you, restarts rarely work.

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