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TRT with Hepatosplenomegaly?

Could there be any potential issues with trt and hepatosplenomegaly? Could exogenous testosterone (issued at doctor prescribed levels) potentially cause more inflammation and enlargement of the spleen and liver? I am asking out of curiosity as I haven’t been able to find any information on this online. I have been prescribed trt (haven’t decided to start) and have unexplained hepatosplenomegaly. The doctor did not seem concerned but I haven’t been able to find anything online to come to my own conclusion.


Just going to say BUMP

as I have a response to this but it involves me finding and linking certain pieces of literature that I’ve read before, it’s very late here thus I’m drained… I’ll edit this tomorrow. (and I mean it, many times I forget… but this is very important)

Though keep in mind I’m no expert

Maybe @dbossa can ask one of his docs in regard to this.

Ultimately it probably depends on you’re overall dosage. Like most tissues in the body, the liver contains androgen receptors. All hormones have to pass through the liver once (or twice with c17AA anabolics)… However testosterone, being recognised by the body as a naturally occurring hormones is particularly open to metabolism via the liver. Particularly strong, structurally modified, synthetic derivitave such as trenolone can exhibit hepatotoxicity despite not being not having that extra methyl/ethyl group at the 17th carbon position of the steroid backbone. This being said it still appears increased testosterone levels increase the risk for development of hepatocellular carcinoma

Not to say I think testosterone alone elicts a directly hepatotoxic action, but testosterone inhibition (at least within rodents) appears to increase apidonectin, a protein that can stunt/slow tumour growth.

Data suggests (clinical and rodent) that testosterone dose dependently increases liver weight, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5600666/ (increased liver weight… dose dependent, no change in spleen weight)

You’re proably safe for TRT, but not 600mg weekly, but why come to the internet for advice when you’re doctor has cleared you, he’s a medical professional who knows FAR more than you or I


Thank you for the information, it definitely puts my mind at ease and makes me more comfortable with the idea of trt for life.

I’ve been dealing with so many doctors over the past 2 years trying to figure out what’s causing my symptoms that I have lost faith in their reliability. I’ve had 3 internal medicine doctors and 2 endocrinologists tell me I’m fine when I had low t and anemia. Never hurts to double check what the doctor says, they aren’t always the fountain of all knowledge.

If it did, this would be the first I’ve heard… which, for me, is an indication that it most likely doesn’t. Otherwise this would be coming up at times in our FB group with the number of topics that get brought up on a daily basis.

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Thank you for weighing in!

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One of the reasons I was put on TRT was anemia.

That’s interesting, I’m assuming that it has helped you with that based off the nature of trt. Did you have the constantly cold feet and hands? Please tell me it helps with that haha.

My hematologist gave me a folic acid prescription and said that its only going to get worse lol. She has no idea whats causing my anemia so she just said its probably hereditary.

Did you get a full iron panel & B12 levels tested? Yes TRT helped my situation tremendously. I had cold extremities, lack of energy, etc. I also supplemented with iron & vit C for a short period.

Definitely buy this exact product and take it everyday. It helps tremendously. Everyone should be taking it.

It’s sublingual Methylcobalamin 1000mcg. You put it under your tongue and let it dissolve. Regular B12 is worthless.

That is reassuring news to hear, I’m glad to hear it’s helped you. My b12 and iron are good according to a recent lab.

Your B12 levels are less than mine were when I started supplementing with Methylcobalamin. Mine were 747 pg/ml which is the equivalent of 552 pmol/L (the measurement your lab uses).

Now my levels are 1100+ which would be the equivalent of you having 800+. Being in range vs optimal is not the same thing. For $7 for a 2 month supply you could be optimal. It makes me feel great.

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Shit, this is why I’m a skeptic Of what doctors tel me lol. For $7 I’ll definitely pick some up