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TRT with hcG Diet


I am currently taking the standard protocol as suggested in this forum. The following is what I take EOD at the same time. The Tcyp and hcG are in separate needles:

28 mg Tcyp (28 x 3.5 = almost 100mg/week)
9 drops anastrozole (9 x 3.5 = 32 drops/week)
250iu hcG

I just started the hcG last week. I am doing TRT because I was diagnosed with very low T, not for powerlifting. And, I can afford to lose about 15 lbs BF, especially around the abdomen.

So, my question for the forum is this: To help me lose the excess BF, is there any reason why it would not be OK to do a 28-day hcG diet where I inject hcG every day and eat only 500 calories? I would naturally be getting the hcG that I need for TRT, so I figure it is a win-win situation.

Also, any recommendation on the amount of hcG I should take every day?


500 cal per day??? That sound ridiculous. Especially if you want retain muscle mass. Why not just have patience and do it the old fashion way. You could lose 15 in 6-8 weeks and not lose any muscle. 500 cal a day sounds like pure torture to me!


You might loose all of that weight without a crash diet. The hCG diet may cost muscle mass too. I suggest a decent diet and see what happens. You can do starvation mode later if needed. Working on your muscles will improve fat loss.

With T+hCG+AI my waist went from 34" --> 31" with no change in weight. As I lost fat mass, I gained muscle mass. I am active, but do not exercise. Lifting did not work out for me.

hCG is not directly responsible for weight loss, but seems to allow people to enter starvation mode and put up with it.


No, there would be no problem with the hCG diet other that it's pretty much useless. Well, the hCG magic is pure bullshit. 500 calories per day will drop the weight off you though. Have you considered a PSMF?

Meh, if you injecting every day anything over 150 IU is a waste.


I brought up this subject because it seems like everyone I run into lately talks about the hcG diet and how they know people who successfully lost weight with it. "Supposedly" injecting hcG everyday with only 500 calorie intake makes you lose the fat that the body would otherwise not get rid of. And, it is not "supposed" to make you lose muscle.

Anyway, I like KSman's idea. If you went from 34" to 31" waist without lifting, then I can probably do the same. I am almost at 34" myself and used to be at 31". I am not able to lift because I just had a double hernia operation 2 weeks ago. So, I figured I would try the diet now since you are not supposed to do any strenous labor on the diet.

But, I will just keep doing what I am doing for now. I am feeling so much better that with the increased metabolism and extra energy, I will probably burn more calories naturally over the next few months.


I am 61YO and I have the build that I had in my 20's. Or at least I did before my surgery gone wrong.

hCG diets are a 4-5 week crash diet, which is not the body moving towards a target state that is sustainable. It is a state of starvation.

My fat loss and muscle gain are sustainable as I did not make any changes to my life that are not sustainable. I do eat more protein now, whey shakes, because I often have a hunger that needs to be satisfied by protein.

When I lost fat and gained muscle without weight change, and my waist went to 31" from 34", my BMI did not change. As far as BMI is concerned, nothing changed at all.


Right, it "supposedly" has all kinds of benefits, but if you press on someone who has done the diet and knows anything about weight loss you can get them to admit that the 500 cal a day starvation plan does all the work not the hCG.

Good, even though you are not lifting right now I would not suggest trying to cut weight. Try to maintain and focus on getting healed up. You will be back in the gym before you know it, and with proper hormone levels your body will respond like it used too.

You are probably right.

Take care,