TRT with HCG/ Arimidex

Hi guys,

Doctor has diagnosed me with secondary hypogonadism and is currently treating me with Cabergoline 250mcg tablet once a week to try and bring prolactin levels down as they were very high. I am also on 1mg of Anastrazole once a week to lower my oestrogen to a healthier range as was 180pmol/L on a reference chart that goes 50pmol/L- 172pmol/L.

Unfortunately, I still have very low testosterone for my age (17mnol on chart that goes from 10-30mnol) and also high SHBG (48mnol on chart that goes 10-50mnol). Doctor has suggested therefore that I take six pumps of Tostran gel daily, amounting to about 60g of testosterone and that I inject 500 units of HCG three times a week.

Any guys on here got any experience of using HCG? Given that I am only 24, testicular size and fertility were key concerns of mine when my doctor indicated TRT may benefit me, and so decided to not consider TRT until he explained that he could do HCG as an adjunct. Apparently HCG helps to retain testes size and sperm production, and can even INCREASE sperm counts?

Have any of you guys on these forums had HCG as part of your TRT regime? If so, what benefits did you experience, and were there any unpleasant or indeed serious side effects that I should look out for? I am hoping that with the Anastrazole keeping the oestrogen at a healthy range, the HCG should not present me with any serious sides or complications, but would welcome your thoughts.

Everyone here that wants their testicles to work is on HCG. I’m injecting 500 units, twice a week. No negative side effects so far.

If you are going to be injecting anyways, forget the gel and inject Test subq, just like you do HCG. That way you know exactly how much is going into your body, instead of gambling with how much of the gel will be absorbed properly.


So 500 units twice a week is more than enough? Can you advise as to whether you have had any symptom improvement as a result of the HCG? Also, are you based in the UK, as I was wondering whether my pharmacy will supply me with the syringes for injecting and where would you recommend I inject?

I’m using 1000 units a week, but split into two doses. I’m taking testosterone with the HCG, so there are a lot of improvements, but Test has more to do with them than the HCG. HCG just makes sure my testicles will still work. Any spot with fat will work; I’ve used thighs and love handles.

I’m US based, so can’t help you there.

Okay, so 500 units per week is a good dose? I will inject in the thigh area then and have you seen significant improvements in your symptoms since starting your regime?

250-300iu hCG subq EOD is all that you need, more can cause high E2 that anastrozole cannot control.

T+AI+hCG is what we advocate here.

You cannot dose anastrozole once a week! There will be problems. EOD would be good, twice a week might be OK.

If injecting hCG, what is the point of transdermal T? It can be expensive and absorption can be poor, 10% at best. If you are injecting hCG, inject T subq with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes. Do not co-inject T+hCG. Injected T is least cost and 100% absorbed. The point of transdermals is to make $$$ and avoid injections. You are injecting now so transdermal T is pointless.

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