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TRT with Cycling

After my first visit to my endo and blood tests, results came in, and I have a geriatric 410 ng/dL. I had been lifting for a year consistently(mostly compound moves) and for a 28 year old ex fatso, I thought I had made good proggress. Also my penis works just fine, so these numbers kinda puzzled me. On the other hand, I am 28 and people often tell me I look like 20, I shave like once a week, so maybe the cold hard truth is I have low test.

After discussing my goals with my endo, we both agreed that TRT is the absolute minimum. I requested Test Enth, but she insisted we try Nebido(Test Undecanoate). According to her reasoning a gram of Test Enth costs 5 euros, while 1g of Nebido costs 120 euros, so it must be better. My insurance pays for Nebido btw.

My endo is quite liberal and she requested that I try HGH later, along with test. I would jump on a massive cycle of steroids without much fear, but HGH scares the shit out of me. What do you guys think of that?

To summarise. I have access to pharmaceutical grade test & HGH. I also have access to most UGL grade steroids(I like Primobolan). Cycling doesnt seem like its going to work for me. My natural test is very low. Is it prudent to cruise on something like ~200mg of Test Enth per week year long, and spice things up on a 3 months on 3 months off protocol with something like Primobolan or Masteron? Maybe I should have 1 month per year completely off, for HTPA recovery?(I want to sire children at some point, after that I don’t care.)

As a final note. Even though my endo is very liberal, she didn’t seem very accustomed to this whole thing. When I tried to explain to her that I might need support meds like an AI in case of side effects, she didn’t seem to get it.

An update. I tried the Nebido. The 4cc injection is torture. I wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone. Also, this whole ultra slow esther promo about undecanoate is just marketing bullshit. Half life is 16.5 days. The trick is that they inject so much in a single spot that it takes days to dissolve. 2 days later and I still have a golf ball in my left ass-cheek.

After Nebido I am gonna switch to Enanthate 250mg(180mg of test) once per week. Is it better to inject HCG 250iu every other day, or 2 injections of 250iu, one before test enth injection day, and one on the same day? I also take Arimidex 1mg per week divided in 4 doses.

410 ng/dL does not really count as low T unless you have symptoms, which you didn’t really have as far as I can tell. Looking young or having slow beard growth are not symptoms.

IMHO you should have at least had another blood test to get a better picture of what was going on before jumping on TRT. One blood test isn’t enough to diagnose low T anyway.

250mg enanthate per week is a mild cycle and would put most 2x the top of the range. What makes you think this is your starting dose?
Avoid Nebido next time. You need blood work.
Get doc to RX your test and inject twice per week, less aromatization, more steady test levels.

HCG 250iu EOD, or 250iu M,W,F is ideal
if injecting once per week, which is silly especially with 250mg lol, 2 days before I suppose/

You didn’t mention any symtpoms other then slow beard growth. You might have just had a bad day and results showed on one test. Whatever though

Thanks for your replies guys. For some reason my previous post didn’t appear. Other than slow beard growth, I have very little body hair(almost no hair on chest). I also have a female fat accumulation pattern.

Blood work will be done every month for the first few months, at longer intervals later on. If 250mg test enth is too much, how long can I run that dose before I have to lower it ? Does 250mg of test enth negate the effects of hCG ?

As a side note, I can buy everything from the pharmacy with or without prescription.