TRT with Clomid and Estradiol

Hello everyone,

I’ve been on clomid for bout 3 months now and it is working good for me.
What I’m wondering is about estradiol while on clomid.
I’ve read conflicting statements about that.
Some say that clomid increases E2 and one should watch his E2 levels while on it.
Other say that blood tests for estadiol while on clomid are not reliable.

In my case I had 43.58 pg/ml of E2 prior to clomid, but while on clomid the test showed E2 at 27 pg/ml. Total T went from around 400 to 680.
One would that that since T raised, E2 will follow…

So whats going on… did clomid actually lower my E2 or is the reading really unreliable?


One lab result is just like one frame in a movie. Can you tell the entire story from a random still frame of a movie? Since things fluctuate so often it’s not surprising you have two different results. Otherwise it sounds like you know what risks there are using clomiphene.

You didn’t post lab ranges, was it the same lab and the same type of test? Reg vs ultra sensitive