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TRT with BPH

Just curious if anyone has any experience with TRT and benign prostatic hyperplasia. I have been urging my father to seek trt but he was recently diagnosed with bph and they prescribed him some poison to help him cope which in essence ups his estrogen levels and does the opposite of what trt would do. I forgot exactly what he is taking. But anyways has anyone dealt with a similar situation. Can someone with bph succesfully employ trt without exacerbating their symptoms of bph.

I could be very wrong but i swear that i read somewhere in my many months of reading up on TRT that TRT can actually help or eliminate the symptoms of bph and that estrogen would cause/exaggerate the problems.

Can anyone deny of confirm the above for me?

From what I’ve read high estrogen leads to BHP.

In cases of cancer it tends to become testosterone sensitive.

There are argument both ways, but no doc will tell you that TRT will not make matters worse. If he does TRT, that could increase E2 and that may also make things worse. Find out what drugs he is taking. Have you seen labs showing increased E2?