TRT with Blasts Twice a Year?

to get proper advice ill post some stats

175 lbs (fairly lean, dont know my bf% Id guess 15-18%)
I eat well (clean) 3,000 calories a day, 200 grams of protein
weight train 4-5 days a week and work a very active job.
Im almost shut down naturally I have to take meds to get erect. In 3 months Ill be having my second child, dont really want more…
I have TRT at 250mg weekly.

My question is… Can I take my regular trt throughout the year but maybe twice a year double it up and run 500 mg a week for 12 weeks then go back to 250mg a week? Will I still need PCT even though Im not coming off Test? I have Aromasin to take weekly.

PCT stands for post CYCLE therapy. Since you’re on TRT you’re not cycling off anything, when your twelve weeks is up simply return to your original trt dosage, now aromasin dosing can change from person to person. I’ve heard some people do 12.5mgs EOD? I’ve never used it so I can’t really comment

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If you are at 250mgs a week for TrT, you are shut down. 250 is a high dose for TrT, what are you test levels on that?

At 200mgs a week, mine are at 1186. You will not need a PCT, that is your TrT. You may be need blood work to see where your E2 is. I think super elevated E2 can cause erection problems. You might also need to reduce your TrT or consider getting some Nolvadex.

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I was told to take 12.5 Aromasin twice a week.

I havent started my TRT yet. And sorry I just looked at my bottle its 200mg ml so Im supposed to inject 1 ml every week. 200 mg every week.

I dont have a copy of my bloodwork but Im sure I can get it easily from my Dr.

I just figured if Im on the hormones then why not increase the amount every so often and help my physique… Thank you for your help

Start your Trt and run that for awhile. Get your protocol locked down then explore. Your body goes through a lot of changes, I think it might be better to do it gradually. You will go through honeymoon phase then your natural Test shuts down. AI will spike causing some issues. I just let my body adapt to it. My E2 got as high as 60 then came back down. Never any gyno. Lots of bloating, water retention, mood swings.

I am running 200mgs a week and take no AI’s. If I did, I would take Nolva. A lot of guys on here run 500mgs of Test for cycle and won’t run AI’s until PCT if needed.


Listen to this advice. I had the world’s smoothest beginning to a trt program and I still cannot imagine trying to dial that in while also immediately starting a blast. Walk before you run.


Im not planning on starting a “blast” in the beginning. Im considering it later on but thought it would be a good idea to educate myself before attempting this. Thank you all for your help

I’m kind of in the same boat. Have been on TRT for 3 months but do to switching Drs still dont have post treatment labs and they are not due until the end of May so i dont know how my HTC had been effected. Before treatment its was at 43% then 47% a week later so I’m hoping it has stayed low. I hate getting blood taken so i would imagine it would be quite the shirty experience for me having to donate but if it comes to that i will do it. I havent really had any hang ups and I feel good and just keep getting better. I have 50ml of extra T acquired so i would like to do a small blast after my labs next month if everything looks good. All i have really been able to gather is that HTC and hemoglobin dont raise for everyone although it does seem to be common, and that younger guys such as myself (31) have less issues with it.

Unlikely this was caused by one week of testosterone. At that rate you’d be dead by now. You can get wild variations in that test based on a number of factors, including hydration.

Both of those numbers were before i started TRT. I did a bunch of lab work then testosterone was in the 2nd batch i did the next week

I have no idea where my HTC is since starting on TRT

Doesn’t matter, necessarily. 43 to 47 in a week is an anomaly. Probably a hydration issue. My HCT is at 53 and my doctor is largely unconcerned. If you want to donate that’s fine, but it’s a temporary fix. You return to your previous level pretty quickly.