TRT with Blast Test Cup and EQ Help

28 years old been lifting for 10years. 5’7" 170lbs 8-10% bf. I’ve been on trt and will be for life. My current dosage is 90mg test cyp 2x/week along with 250iu hcg 2x/week. Total 180mg test cyp and 500iu hcg per week. I’m thinking about adding another 120mg test 400mg eq and 1mg arimidex for 10 weeks and then cruising back to my normal 180mg of test cyp and 500iu of hcg. Just looking for any input or variation of dosage anyone has to offer. Thanks

180mg is already pushing you close to supra levels of T. At 400mg that’s def a starter cycle. You would be getting all the side effects, bloating… acne etc. I’m sure most of the steroid users would tell you if you are going to go for it to add something with the T to maximize your gains. But that’s not my forte, just my two cents.

That’s fine, but 10 weeks is very short for an eq cycle since it has an extremely long half life. An ideal cycle of EQ IMO would be more like 600mg for 16 weeks. You might instead just go with 500mg test for 10 weeks and omit the EQ. There is also a compound known as boldenone cypionate, which is just a shorter acting ester. If you’re dead set on EQ you may try bold-cyp instead if you know where to find it.

I thought about nabbing bold cyp for my next cycle when I saw it on one of my sources sites…Im running eq for my next blast but I heard bold cyp can be super painful lol

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I have 15 weeks worth of eq dosing at 400mg/week. The only reason I was going to stop at 10 was that I have labs coming up in 3months and didnt want my blood work to be off the charts. How exactly would the eq affect my labs.

Well ive decided to keep going on the 180mg trt and add an additional 225mg of test c and the EQ. That is why I said blast with TEST CYP and EQ. I figure the 180mg each week has brought my total T level from 212 to 841 and my free T from 8.3 to 21.7 I wanted to blast with a 10 week cycle and then cruise back on my 180mg. My thinking if the 180mg brings me to a “normal persons” t level im only incorporating 225mg which would be a very low dose for someone with normal T levels.

EQ is going to be active in your system for at least 3 weeks after you stop taking it. Not sure how it will effect your blood results, as I didn’t get one done my last cycle with EQ. I would think it would show an increased testosterone level, just not as much as if it was real testosterone.

Thanks, I have a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to doing my labs. I actually had to remind the doc last time for a few weeks. I travel for work so if its too close after I finish with the EQ ill just wait a few weeks. I was thinking once i finish the cycle skipping one of my regular shots for 2 weeks to bring my levels back down to the normal range. What do you think about that?

If it were me I’d postpone the bloods for a week or two after the EQ is out of my system(4-5 weeks after stopping EQ). Say you had to visit a relative or you were busy with work/study etc. I’d also just stick to my regular TRT dose as soon as your cycle ends.
I like the after effects of EQ. Its slow to show gains but they seem to be kept longer.
10 weeks is probably okay. I’ve run it for 12 weeks and was happy with the gains. Longer is probably better up to 16 like some of the other guys have said. That’s a long cycle if you include the extra 3 weeks, for the EQ to wash out of your system.
It took me about 7- 8 weeks on EQ before I was convinced my gear was legit.

I’m surprised 180mg/wk only boosted your T that much although your free T is ideal at that level which is what counts. I am on 140mg/wk because of my high SHBG but typical protocol is 100mg/wk. Heres hoping to your solid gains!