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TRT with Alpha Blocker?

I am 66 years old and I am on trt injections for low t levels. I have been on it for about 5 years now. Now I have an enlarged prostate caused by high hdt levels. My dr. has prescribed finasteride 5mg because my psa levels were close to 10. I have been on it for 2 days and finally I can piss some what normally. The question I have is can I use this alpha blocker and still take my prescription t with the same positive effects of muscle gain or do I have to increase my dosage of t to keep my muscles. I don’t want an enlarged prostate to fu** me up again either. I am not concerned with hair loss, I lost it years ago. I just want to feel good and keep the plumbing working.

You should be fine where you are. Pay attention to sides and get some bloods done in a few weeks if you are concerned.

Be careful with finasteride, it has ruined lives (Post Finasteride Syndrome). Cialis is approved to treat enlarged prostate (BPH).

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Out of curiosity, has your vitamin D been low?

DHT along with INCREASED E2 is what causes prostate problems. Have you ever had e2 checked, do you have any other symptoms?

Also, what BP medication is it?

It’s rare to have a guy in his 60s in here.

Can you tell us your protocol and supplements you take?
And what your total t free t estradiol is at. Thx

Do I stay on the alpha blocker or should I only take it when I have the problem with my prostate? Hopefully someone else on this forum has had this same problem. I was a hurting unit for 3 weeks and it is scary feeling plus it has kept me out of the gym

I am going back to my Dr. in a couple weeks to have some more lab work done. PSA level checked again. I haven’t had any T for a month. I really want to start taking it again because I feel dead and lethargic. I am only taking 1.25 mg a week of 200mg testosterone cypionate.

I take no supplements only the testosterone cypionate 200mg at 1.25 a week. The only info I have is my serum specific ag. which is 8.7 and 0.0-4.0 ng/ml. (I don’t know what that is) Could you give me all the info I should ask and to include in my next blood test in 2 weeks?

Hi max welcome. Born in 53? Me to. I have had great success with low dose cialas for my BPH.
If you take blood pressure meds ask your doc for Doxazosin 1-2 mg /day. Its side effect also helps BPH. Whether you have hair or not I would only take the finasteride if you can find nothing else that works. Also get back on your TRT if you are worried it is making your BPH worse cut your dose but no lower than 80mg/wk That would be .40ml using your 200mg T cyp.

Thank you hrdlvn for your info. I don’t take blood pressure meds, I am ok there. I will try the Cialis for the BPH problem. It was such a relief after suffering for weeks to find something that worked and the Finasteride 5mg worked. I am on my 3rd day and I will stop and take none tomorrow and see what happens. I will start back up on my TRT tomorrow with my 1.25 mg weekly dose. It is good to find someone as old as I am that is doing the same thing so we can help each other and find help. I am not new to this but I am new to what helps prostate problems. Most young guys don’t have this problem.

Sorry that’s 1.25 ml a week not mg.

Agreed regarding finasteride. Try to find something else if we all possible. Nuking DHT is not a great idea IMO

On the low dose cialas for BPH. My doc first gave me 5mg pills I was to take 1 morning 1 bedtime.
After about 3 weeks I started to get a lower back pain but only on my left side. I could not figure out why or how. Turned out it was the cialas. My doc then game me 2.5mg pills and I no longer have a lower back issue and my BPH is in control now. I wish I had a little more strength to push it out but at least once its flowing there is no restriction and I can completely empty my bladder.

I use insulin syringes they go from .1 to 1.0ml
Are you saying you use 1.25ml or 250mg of T cyp every week? That sure seems a hell of a lot.
Depending on your SHGB many guys ony need 80-120mg/wk. Only guys with super high SHGB’s usually need more than that. I assume your HCT (% of red blood cells) is 52% or less?

[quote=“hrdlvn, post:14, topic:257256”]
[/quote]hrdlvn: I am only taking 1.25 ml not mg. I corrected it above on this blog.

[quote=“ncsugrad2002, post:13, topic:257256”]
[/quote]I was taking 20mg Cialis every 2 to 3 days before this last episode hit me. I heard it stays in your system for up to 36 hrs. I never tried taking it twice a day in small amounts. I was taking it for my ED problem. I had no idea it was good for BPH.

SHGB is a blood test many top TRT doc use to determine how many T shoots you should take per week for optimum results like reduced T and E2 spikes.

I understand you said your dose is 1.25ml not mg. I’ll repeat 1.25ML is 250mg of T that is a shit load for TRT.
This syringe can not hold 1.25ml which would be 200mg. For comparison, I fill this syringe to the 20 mark (.20ml) and take that amount twice a week.

I use a 3 ml x 1.5" 22 gage needle and inject in my thigh. There are approximately 8 doses in each bottle of the cypionate 200 mg/ml. I notice you are taking HCG. When you take that you don’t have to take as much test because your testicles are still producing.