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TRT: What My Doctor Said...

My Doctor said, “You don’t need Arimidex, we’re just trying to get your testosterone levels back to normal where they should be anyway. So there is no need for that at these levels. It’s for women with cancer and it’s hard on the liver anyway.”

How do you combat that “logical” yet completely flawed thinking?

The Doc. only knows what he’s been taught, and they are very hesitant to use Arimidex as an “off-label” AI for men receiving TRT. Now this is not news to anybody who is going through this, but I really feel, based on research, that I need an AI like Arimidex.

My previous Doc. had me on 100/wk. and this Doc took my off cold turkey saying “you’re a young man, you don’t need that.”
I’m 34. He took my labs only at my urging.

Well, I was right. I don’t remember all the stats, but they measured three different levels and all three were below even what the clinic considered “normal.” I was at 149 Total.
I know that’s not the most important indicator but that’s the only one I can recall - my memory is shot right now.

So anyway, even my Doc. couldn’t deny they were low. Put me on 200 every two weeks.
I think I can get him to break it to 100 a week (probably the best I can do).

Anyway, I’ve gained a lot of muscle, strength gains good. The problem is…

-Gaining a lot of fat - we’re talking two waist sizes in a month.
-Hair thinning
-Fluctuating sex drive
-Highs and lows bla bla you know the story.

I think I really need to have estrogen levels checked and probably need an AI.

Thoughts? And thoughts on how to combat the flawed reasoning at the beginning of
this post?