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TRT w/ Test and Primo


Does any one have any thoughts or experience with adding Primobolan to your TRT protocol. Im not talking about doing AAS cycle dosages. I was thinking of adding 200mgs week to my TRT protocol which is currently 140mgs of test C week with HCG and Adex.

I ask because I have been reading that it is almost the perfect steroid with very clean and dry gains. People also report a heightened sense of well being. I was thinking that at a low dose it could be ran for longer periods of time to give your TRT a boost.


Primo had no benefit what so ever for TRT.
Deca has been added to help with joint inflammation but again this is not standard practice in medical profession.



When you say no Benefit are you referring to hormone levels or muscle gains? I was thinking more along the lines of muscle and performance gains.


This drug is similar to proviron in its actions and proviron is prescribed for or as part of TRT in Europe. Also see masteron. It does increase FT. It does counter estrogen effects, but one can manage that with serum E2 labs and anastrozole dose management. While cycling might feel great in some cases, one may end up feeling less well when back on TRT only where one needs to live. Keep the long view in mind.