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TRT w DECA, HCG and Bad Results


Hoping for some help with this. Been on TRT for approximately two years. My DR. has been responsive to my requests to add HCG (as recommended here) and suggested adding Nandrolone deconoate for joints etc. At 43, I have a lot 0f connective tissue issues and arthritis in my shoulders, knees etc. Started using the DECA and felt pain relief within about a month. Pain relief has been great...can actually get out of bed in the AM with no pain.

Recently I wasn't feeling well and I had Test and Estrodial tested at LABCORP.

Testosterone, Serum 3,555 348-1197
Testosterone, Free 273.38 5.00-21.00
Free Testosterone 7.69 1.5-4.20
Estrodial 35.4 7.62-42.6

Currently taking
250IU HCG 3xs per week M/W/F
100MG Test Cyp 2x per week
100MG Deca 2x per week
.5MG Anastrozle EOD

The same thing happened last year and my Dr. took me off the DECA until my levels got in line. I would really like to keep using the DECA because it works so well for me wrt joint issues.

When taking the following I feel really good.
250IU HCG 3xs per week M/W/F
100MG Test Cyp 2x per week
.5MG Anastrozle EOD
My results are
Total 1457
Estrodial 16

Before I talk to my DR. I wanted to ask the board if I can just cut the test cyp and Deca down by half or should I just give up on the DECA?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Your current protocol looks more like a mini cycle. Testosterone 3x over normal range is cycle territory. Your previous protocol looks more inline with trt therapy.

Go back to what worked better would be probably the best idea. The guys on here try to maintain healthy test levels within range.

Looking at your previous protocol you could certainly get away with less of everything.

Probably don't need 200mg a week of test
would also probably be able to reduce adex dose. Your E2 was at 16, guys on here recommend around 22 but maybe you could get away with slightly higher levels and that might help with joint pain.

Someone with more experience will no doubt chime in. But the consenses is take the least amount of drugs to get the job done.

You certainly don't have issues getting scripts from this doctor, if only we were all so lucky.


Yes, I agree and don't want it to be a "mini-cycle". 200mg of test cyp works great on it's own. But, the benefits from the DECA are really important to me. I always have some pain regardless. But, without it, it's a lot more and more constant.

Wondering if 200mg of test and 50mg of Deca would work for me?


If I were you, I would knock the T down to about 160 mg/week and increase the Arimidex to twice a week (or better yet, switch to Aromasin). The extra E2 could help protect your joints at a reasonable T dose. Shoot for E2 around 25 (20-30).

Im of the opinion that Deca has no place in TRT. I know of no doctors outside of "anti-aging clinics" that utilize it.


I wish my doctor was so inclined....that's certainly cycle territory. Long term, that will not be healthy. I would think you could drop the DECA down quite a bit as well as reduce the frequency of it. It is a pretty long ester from what I remember - meaning it stays active for some time).