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TRT User Starting HCG. Dose and Frequency?

Hey all.

Been reading for awhile thought might be easier for me to post.

    1. DR Put me on 200mg Test Per ever 12 Days due to Low T (Ran this for Year)
    1. Been Running 200mg per week for the past 2 years, as (as every 12 days i crashed)
    1. Want to have kids shortly here, or at least start trying ASAP, Just been reading up on HCG… But don’t want to come off Trt, as i feel so much better taking it

So my question really is how often and how much HCG Do you think i should run? I was recommended around 300-500IU Every 2nd Day… Any advise or anything would be appreciated.

250-350IU three times a week is typically recommended to maintain fertility.

Appreciate it.

(1) How long does it usually take for size to come back?

Understand everybody is different but “Roughly” from anybody’s experience.

(2) Been running 200mg Test E Per week, is this too high? for the HCG to have an impact? as feel good on it, don’t really want to change… but will if need to.

(1) You should notice it in two weeks.

(2) I take 200mg enanthate per week. I obtained significant increase in testicular size (back to normal/100%) in weeks taking 350IU hCG twice a week.