TRT User, Next Blast Recommendations?


I am currently a 5 year TRT user, dosing approximately 50mg E3d (0.25cc), 1331 ng/dl Total with 308.8 pg/ml Free test.

Looking to blast for an 8 week cycle and looking for recommendations.

Previously blast I had done 500mg/wk 12 weeks, Test Cyp with a 4 week 30mg DBol Kicker for the first 4 weeks.

I am good with injectables and I prefer not to use heavy orals.

Thanks for any help.


Not sure what your body fat is but if it’s 10% or lower I like to add masteron e to my trt. I love the drying effect it gives me.

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I’m at 20% with an electronic scale that I have. I haven’t done a caliper check in a while, but by the mirror, I’d say it’s accurate.

How did you like the Dbol? See many gains?

I liked the Dbol a lot for the first month, got some great strength gains. Had moderate sides with back acne and had a lot of aggression, good and bad, in and out of the gym. Although I was stuck in afghanistan, so that might have been associated with the aggression.

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Can anyone help in suggesting a Deca cycle? Eq? Is Tren too advanced? Reading Dan Duchaine he recommends against Tren unless competing at a professional level.

My next cycle is posted and contains dbol, test, deca, mast… it’s pretty intense but nothing too out there… find it under post title, “my fall lean and mean cycle.”

I am running. 600 mg test and 600 mg tren e and started with 50 mg dbol daily for 21 days. It’s a tried and true cycle for me.

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I wasn’t impressed with tren e… the ace on the other hand…:slight_smile:

Haha I def use ace more pre contest. E is lovely for just putting on some decent additions of quality size

How long do you run your tren e? I ran for 12 weeks and I think I should have gone longer possibly… 600 tren e along with 600 test e… ive heard 19nors work good at 16-20 weeks on…

What about a Deca cycle not needing high levels of Test? Can I just maintain my TRT dosing yet blast with Deca on top? Would I need additional AI or Caber to control any sides?