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TRT User for Years About to Do First Blast

Hey guys, been on try for few years now 200mg/2x week. I cycle that up and down mostly to build up stockpile of test for larger blast at some point. But now I’ve happened to get ahold of carbonpharma tren ace and carbon pharma oxandrolone. Been doing 20mg var (oxandrolone) 2x/day for past three weeks. Don’t notice anything major but ready to add tren. Thinking 40mg (.4ml) ED for 8ish weeks. Any thoughts. I also have caber prescribed by doc as I know tren causes prolactin issues and also have arimidex. Thoughts? Advice? Also since I’m on trt when done just keep cruising on trt dose? Nothing else?

Yes, no need for PCT.

Tren ace is short lived but still comes with side effects. Have you researched those?

Dont get me wrong, I freaking love tren but it comes with a price in insomnia, night sweats, anxiety, and hunger. It also makes you feel like you’re 18 again and want to fight or fuck everything you see! LOL

Thanks studhammer. Yes I’ve been lurking on many forums for quite a while. Definitely fully aware of the sides, hence the reason for starting at 40mg/day. Figure always easy to go up. Trying to avoid the tren cough by pinning shoulders (way less veiny than thighs). Plus using a 25g 1” pin will ensure I pin it slower as well which I’ve read over and over can also make difference in the cough. The sleeplessness I hope will dissipate after a couple weeks. So far three days in with no feeling of sides. No sweats no sleeplessness. I know it’s still in infancy stage but hoping stays that way.

That’s still 280/week. I think I was running 400/week and saw all the sides. Apparently Tren makes me into an asshole as my wife has forbidden future use.

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Hoping to keep my use to myself. My wife is fine w trt but not super supportive of further supplementation lol. My,probably flawed, logic is telling me 40/day (280/wk) even though much stronger than test will be ok and if I ease into it I can up dosage depending on my reaction. I’ve done test only run of 700/week with just some mild back acne.

She’ll probably figure it out. My wife said my sweat smelled different. Almost sweet plus I ruined a set of sheets!! :joy:

Well if it makes me feel 18 again (44 now) I plan on ruining lots of sets of sheets!

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Good luck then. Let us know how its going. You could create a log in the Pharma section

Thanks brother, I just may do that.

Hea Florida do a log then we all learn what worked and what didn’t.
It is always fun to follow along and help if we can and learn as we go.