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TRT Update on My Progress


I posted a few questions on HCG and Arimidex. I thought it best to keep them separate. I love to read what all of you write but I am more of a lurker. I read almost everything KSMAN wrote as well as others. I haven't followed it all to the T as I am working with my doc. But with the last 2 Rx's I am getting where I really need to be.

I started out with 100mg/wk divided into two doses on Sundays and Thursdays. I felt a little (very little) different. My dose was upped to 140mg/wk. With adding HCG I am bringing that back to 100 to see what my results will be.

Anyway... How do I feel??


I had ONE single erection during the day in my teens... Thats it!! On dates with kissing ect... yes it all worked, but not like I wanted. Well... on TRT the first month I had about 3 erections each week. The second month about 3 a DAY!!

I also went from being slightly interested in sex maybe... once a week or less to wanting it ALL the time. That has diminished some the last 2 weeks I think due to my E2 climbing.

Also I felt (before TRT) as though I was in some sort of cloudy, hazy tunnel with my eyes half shut. I was tired all the time to.

NOW! I feel as though something has my eyes stretched WIDE OPEN!! I feel like I went from a 15" monitor to a 40"!!! I feel like I notice every detail of everything. When something falls by me, I see it so much better with my peripheral vision. Its like I can catch it so frekin fast!!!

I work a pretty intense job for long hours (because the plant is closing sniff...) But when I come home I can't stand it and I run the length of my yard (350') like I was 16!! (I'm 38) I leap over the creek and go go go!!! I just have to get the energy out!! I live in the country and no one can see me (thankfully!!) :slight_smile:

I feel like if 10 guys wanted to fight I would feel sorry for them and wonder where the rest of them were.

I feel as though I could grab my wife and run with her on my back for 50 miles to a hotel and make love all day and night!!

I don't know if I got my point across but this is like I'm slowly turning into a horny superman!!

And NOW I'm finally adding HCG and Arimidex.

So far so good!!! This is soooooooo sweet!!

I evidently never had normal Test thinking back. Not much interest in sex as a teen. Always lagging in results working out compared to my friends. I guess now I get to feel what its like to be normal. What an awesome ride so far.

I'm not done yet as I have tweaking to do. But so far thank you everyone for your help (reading your post) and especially KSMAN who spoke with me in some private massages with things he really had already posted that I found later. Thank you for the patience as It is paying of big time for me right now. My doc was happy to and planning on suggesting his other patients switch from the classic 200 every other wk to a similar protocol as we have on here.


hCG may not replace much of your T dose reduction.

You are experiencing a re-birth of sorts, coming back to life. I remember the changes in vision, colors and detail. You can’t feel great all of the time. Things will become “normal”. So enjoy this ride, it is a once in a life time event.

Ask for some 5% compounded T cream, 0.5ml/day.


Why the (5% compounded T cream, 0.5ml/day)?


5%: Apply some to your [clipped] scrotum to increase DHT. That will improve sensitivity and libido. Some on your penis will improve sensation. Don’t tell your doc about that last one. But some docs do suggest that in books.


I read that low testosterone can give a numb feeling. Numb and feeling doesn’t go together does it. After my test injection, sometime there will be just a small drop of test that will come out of the needle if I press the plunger really hard. I have put that on the end of my penis. I was curious if it would help sensations. I think I was already feeling it just from the injections. After about a month it seem to be more sensitive.

Thank you, I appreciate it.