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TRT Update Danny Log 1Month injections with RBC

My Red Blood count before Touching any Injection Testosterone twice weekly

was Hemoglobin 143 only

and HEMATOCRIT was just 0.43.5 or 43.5% on scale.

Now i recently had a blood draw at doctors by the arm so it’s more accurate and today one month later my HEMATOCRIT today is now 0.45 or 45% before TRT i was at 47% one time didn’t realise but today 1 month twice weekly shots it’s 45%

Hemoglobin is now 152 increased by 9 points since Month on Shots.

Platelets also recorded at 224 out of 400 scale.

Started Injecting 27th September now today 29th October.

So what you guys think? Most important to me was to hear the Receptionist tell me my Hematocrit which increased by 1.5% 43.5% to 45% is this Absolutely Normal increase after one month? or a bit higher than usual? or totally Fine?

I was doing Enanthate 60mg twice weekly every ( 4 DAYS) total weekly 120mg. Now because i ran out of Enanthate i am back on U.K Standard Testosterone Ester which is SUST 250. they both 250mg strength anyways. but i now do Sustanon shots twice every 5 days @ 70 to 85mg per shot, sometimes every 6 days because of Test isocaproate & decanoate which i believe can range up to 9 days? i hear Nebido has a different one called Undecanoate which is even longer if i am not mistaken?

Apart from my new I.M TEST protocol, what you guys think of blood work so far? @systemlord

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