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TRT Turning Into More


Ive been weight training for nearly 6 years now. Over the last 2 years I started to go backwards in strength, weight, and energy so I had my T levels checked. Sure enough they were low around 225-250 over my 3 test. So last July Dr. started me on 100mg of cyp a week. Right away I felt so much better but as the months went on that feeling started to go away and went back to where I was before starting cyp. So Ive bumped it up to 200mg a week split twice a week and wow such a huge difference. Actually starting to gain some lean mass and strength.

So from here I want to do more. I have a buddy who is willing to to give me some Tren e and also more cyp and test e. I dont really know what I am doing here and dont want to jack myself up. Any help?


Welcome to the darkside of AAS!

What you’re talking about is typically called “cruising and blasting” where TRT is the cruise and a blast is a cycle added on top. Lots of guys do it. I do it. I’ve done blasts with Tren, Anavar, and Masteron.

Do a search on Tren in this forum and you will find a ton of threads on Tren and its side effects. Tons of other online references too. Bill Roberts is major contributor to at least one other website I’m familiar with and he does a write up of every major steroid, weight-loss, anti-estrogen, and misc. drugs out there. He even gives recommended stacks, and doses.

Sorry but forum rules prevent me from sharing the website, but you can find it with a little research.


Thanks for the heads up. He does have a lot of good info. I have some reading to do.


To me TRT is more than just injecting testosterone because lab values say you have low T. High stress by way of cortisol and even aromataze to estrogen can greatly affect your T levels
I don’t think continually injecting more and more Testosterone or adding other compounds is a good idea right now. I think instead you should put your focus on dialling in a successful TRT protocol before anything else


You need to manage E2 with anastrozole. 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T
If you crash, assume that you are an over-responder [not rare] and stop anastrozole for 5-6 days then resume at 1/4th expected dose.

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