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TRT Trial 6 Months, Now "All Better"?

Jesus Christ Almighty. Stick with it. If I were you I’d start injecting immediately. Your gonna be an alpha gorilla patrolling the streets of MN in no time.

Lol. I’d settle for just feeling good.

You will. Hell if you felt somewhat good off your original treatment your gonna feel great on an actual legitimate protocol.

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I’m kinda going through the same thing. Tested at 191. I was put on 100mg every other week. After 2 months she checked my levels and I was at 315. Now I’m on 100mg once a week. She then says we will stick with this and in a couple months she’ll ween me off. She’s been my doctor for years and has helped me many times. I even mentioned that I’ve seen it being a life long thing. And she says that’s not the case. I’m pretty sure she’s wrong. One side of me wants to wait it out for the I told you so moment.

This is nonsense. Dont wait it out. Find another doctor. Find another doctor before this one cuts your script. “Ween” you off? What a joke. Why go on in the first place? You only need increased quality of life for a short time? Wow. Dont listen to these doctors. I’m sure they are great for sinus infections and rashes and splinters but they have no business playing with peoples hormonal health. Give me a break.

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Then I would recommend finding all the literature you can find from legit sources and take them in for you next visit to refute her claims of TrT not being a long term commitment. By legit sources, I dont mean posts from forums but articles from actual Dr.'s and peer reviewed medical journal articles. Maybe she isn’t just up to date on the protocols.

@systemlord - I think I’ve seen you mention Abraham Morgentaler here before. If you lived close enough and could go to his practice, would you do so?

I would, he’s a pioneer in TRT.

@systemlord thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I’m not far from his Men’s Health office and I think I am looking for a new Dr after a real bad appointment yesterday with current doctor. Thanks again.

He will even prescribe TRT to those with prostate cancer because he knows TRT doesn’t cause or worsen prostate cancer.

Keep us posted on this as the Chestnut Hill office is within an hour from me so not out of reach. I would be interested to see what they will do for you.

I am amazed… ran across this thread while searching… someone needs to find this endos email so we can send her valid info. She’s going to fuck other men up. This makes me sick.

So a little update. I took people’s advice and injected a dose of what I had on hand. A couple days later there was such a big difference. I didn’t feel depressed and wasn’t tired like I was. Got some of my sex drive back. I’ve come to the realization that any potential side effects of TRT are minimal compared to life without it. I even started getting pec / breast enlargement again being off TRT for 2 months despite working out regularly and being on a weight lifting program. Makes me think I might have too much estrogen? which the Endo said he didn’t need to test for.

I don’t have an appointment until the middle of March so I called today to get my injection prescription renewed ASAP. If he won’t do it I think I might have found a TRT friendly GP in my area so I will go there. Thanks again for all the advice and info from everybody. I have a letter from my insurance company saying TRT is approved through 2021 so not sure what the big deal is.

By the way, I couldn’t find an email for the Endo, but his name is Mohammed Ahmed and he works out of Coon Rapids MN. The fax number is 763-236-1399. His web profile says he has 56 years of “Diverse Experiences” whatever that means. I’m guessing he is just very old school and doesn’t really believe in TRT.

He’s Pakistani. I’m Pakistani. Born in the states though. To me He’s an Uncle and if he was not raised here I would stop trying to work with him if the goals to get him to listen to you.

Doctors in Pakistan/India are treated like royalty. My grandpa, uncles, aunties, cousins are all doctors. So trust me on this one. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t hear anything you say.

Interesting. I will find out soon if he cares to listen. I had my first appt with him a year ago. I am finally at the point of putting my foot down after playing nice for that amount of time and going along with his recommendations. I have also self educated a lot in the past year.

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Good luck. Honeslty if I were in your shoes I wouldn’t even waste my time. Just do some googling and find a trt doc in your area. For me I would want to get dialed in fast and not waste anytime.

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Well I tried calling the endo two weeks ago, left a message and never got a call back. My most recent blood test put my total T at 240 so I made an appointment with a GP near me who was awesome. She knew way more than the “specialist”, upped my injections to every 10 days because that is when I told her I was crashing and put me on a plan for the next year. And covered by insurance. So glad I met her. All should be good for now.

Injections every 10 days is terrible, would even even say every 7 days isn’t optimal for most.

I’ll try it for now and let her know if changes would be better. She seemed very open minded to my input. It’s better than the endo to told me to inject once a month…

Every 3.5 days is turning into the standard. Many are fine at 7. The half life alone tells any educated provider that it needs to be way less than ten.

I was feeling worse day 4-7 after my shot when I started