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TRT/Tren/Winny Questions


Hello everyone;

I have been reading this board for years and received great advice over that time. For approximately 2 years I have been cruising on TRT but recently added Tren Ace and Winstrol.

TEST P-50mg EOD weeks 1-8
TREN A-90mg EOD weeks 1-8
Winstrol 50mg ED/D-bol 10mg pre training weeks 1-6

Normal TRT dose is 200 mgs TEST E per week but swithed to the P ester while running the Tren A.

Forgive me for not doing my stats but I am plenty old and experienced enough.

I am 16 days in and my gut is almost gone or shrunken noticeably at the very least and my strength is going ape shit. While cruising on TRT I could front squat 330 and the other day I had a close miss with 440. My other lifts are not this extreme but still going up more than I though possible. My bench went 305X5 with pauses to 370X3 with pauses.

Winstrol and Tren seems to be doing wonders for my strength and hardening but the rate of increase in my lifts will surely slow as the cycle progresses, right? How much strength can i expect to keep when the cycle ends and I go back to just TRT?

I am 48 and 232 with only two cycles under my belt prior to this one. I will be staying on TRT for the rest of my life and doing blasts probably once or twice per year from here on out.

  1. probably
  2. no way to know

Did you really post all that just to ask those 2 questions? Even if I could have answered those questions in a more definitive way, how are they remotely useful?


Obviously yes; I did "post all tha just to ask those 2 questions’. I was under the impression the details were appreciated. Soliciting others experience with strength gains and their degree of retention while on similar cycles seemed extremely useful to me but I guess that escaped you along with your sense of decorum.


You’ll have to forgive flipcollar, he’s an impatient sort and gets to the point rather quickly!! :joy:


it was a serious question that I asked you. How are you going to use that information? You didn’t mention anywhere that you compete in strength sports. THAT would have been a good explanation for your questions. Like, if you’re trying to peak for a particular competition, it would be a relevant factor. That’s pretty much the only thing that comes to mind, which was why I asked.


So just a side note, but I thought it was funny that you said this, then by the time we got to the end of your post, we got numbers for your paused bench press, front squat, your age, your bodyweight, how many cycles done, and we know you’re blasting and cruising. I lol’ed. All in good fun man.


I tried to expedite my post but just started throwing in info as I went. Board faux pas’ aside I just wanted to crow about how well this cycle is working for me so far. I just train for fun and Lord knows this cycle is providing me plenty of that thus far.