TRT Treatment for Overtraining/Calorie Restriction?

How would someone be affected by starting TRT to treat low levels due to overtraining/calorie restriction? If they were to change habits by decreasing exercise volume and increasing calories while simultaneously starting TRT would the suppressed levels rise to high or abnormal levels or would they only go back to normal ranges based off dosage of T given since it shuts down natural production? I’m aware of other options such as hcg and clomid however I only want opinions based off TRT as treatment

Once you introduce exogenous testosterone, with nothing else, your normal function shuts down and your levels are dependent on the amount (mg) being used. At that point you can’t starve the T away or overtrain the T away. It is there and only rises and falls based on the timing of application.

It would be phenomenally irresponsible and extremely short-sighted to jump right into TRT when simply addressing training and nutrition can solve the problem. Start a lifetime of medication because you don’t want to change your workout or eat better? C’mon.

Get bloodwork, adopt a smarter training and nutrition plan while specifically implementing recovery methods, get bloodwork again in a month or two.

Or if you’re talking about deliberately overtraining and restricting calories in order to temporarily have low T and get prescribed TRT, I’ve said it before:

That’s all well and good but low T used to mean <450 ng/dL and now its down to <175 ng/dL. So a guys feels like shit at 180 ng/dL (no kidding) and his doc tells him he is in normal range and is just depressed and needs an SSRI. What is a guy to do? I mean if you’re in the 700s and trying to crash your T for a script then yeah I agree with you but for the guy who is stuck at 180 or so…¯_(ツ)_/¯. This is assuming the fact that they live a decent lifestyle.

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We have had a guy literally post on here asking about how to do just that. He was stuck at like 300 or something and their cut off was 270. What a joke.

Totally acceptable in that case if you ask me.

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In retrospect that’s what I should have done. I think my peak was 311 and now my insurance wont cover anything at all. It’s a joke really.

Cant you just put another claim in?

Try a restart, monitor your bloods. Prove to the insurance company that you weren’t taking T and then once you have finished the restart let your T drop again then start a new claim

I could absolutely. Have no inclination to do so. Testosterone is cheap as dirt. I pay out of pocket 70 bucks for one bottle that last almost 6 months. That’s from the pharmacy. I can get stronger ugl testosterone for 80 bucks a pop. Got two 10 ml vials from the ugl right now. One is 300 mg per ml and one is 250 mg per ml. It’s just cheap and I have no desire to suffer with the same symptoms I had before I started trt.

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Fair call.

Im looking at moving to ugl. Its not that much cheaper. But ill have options. I have recently switched to pharma sus250. 3 weeks in i think and its made me vecome a 2min wonder. But my knob is really sensitive atm which is good and back. So ill keep monitoring and see if my stamina improves again or not.

That’s my kinda problem right there boss lol

Hahahaha sweet im not the only one. The mrs is happy and disappointed all at the same time.

Im happy and disappointed all at the same time too.

Cant win lol

I agree 100% that it would be stupid and irresponsible to purposefully do this, however, in my case i am in a bit of a pickle. You see I never previously had levels checked until I was in the middle of a “cut” so I do not know whether or not my levels were low before,however, I believe they were due to delayed puberty and having symptoms even while in a caloric surplus. I started noticing symptoms of low libido at 19 even when I was at my heaviest of 155 pounds at 5’5 and in a caloric surplus. Symptoms continued until my now age of 21. I did not get my levels tested until I was 20.5 years old while in a caloric defecit/low body fat percentage (roughly 130 pounds and single digit body fat) My levels on 2 different occasions were below 100ng and both lh/Fsh were low.