TRT to Steroid Cycle?

I have been on TRT for about 3-4 years. I seem to be reaching a plateau in the gym and was considering boosting my dose for 4-8 weeks to help push through. I am currently taking .4 ML twice a week(180mg/ week).

If I did this, I have received some guidance to bump up to 450 for the 4-8 week period, then go back to my normal dose without any extra PCT, except a SERM if needed(which I have anyways). Will the benefit exceed the cost? Or would I be better off doing something else? Currently my levels are holding around 700-900. Thank you for any help!

This is common practice for people who “blast”. The term basically means you jack up your test dose for a brief period and then resume your “cruise” dose which is TRT level. For blasting most people aim for at least 8 weeks but usually a bit longer.

Thank you! Do you happen to know how long the ‘cruise’ phase usually is?

Thank you!

Sorry I misspoke the blast is 8-12 weeks for test cyp/enth. Cruising typically a bit longer. I mean it’s all personal choice anyway but I like to take 3 months off between blasts. Then I’ll run my compounds at optimal lengths for the chosen cycle and return to TRT cruise for 3 months again. I’m not a competitor though. Those guys either continuously cycle or take severely lower lengths between cycles.

That makes sense, I’ve started doing research as well and that’s what I’m seeing. I’m just gonna start small and slow and work my way up as I get a feel for it, as long as my lab levels remain safe in the cruise. Thank you again!

No need for PCT if you’re on TRT, don’t think you need a SERM either.

Slightly off topic but what sort of gains have you seen from a blast containing just test? I’ve currently managed to push my test dose up to 300mg/wk and I’m becoming a watery bloated mess. What do people actually gain from testosterone with regards to lean muscle tissue?


Good question. The following is my personal experience only… TRT alone did most of the work in recomping my body and gaining additional sticking weight. The first couple times I blasted from my TRT dose to 500mg I gained approx 10lbs and kept about 5 lbs each time. Now I bare.y move the scale on test blast and if anything just gain crap weight for those few lbs I do get. After which, I lose them quickly. Strength wise I do get more of a boost but it’s also temporary. I personally am done with test blasts only.

I see. So it seems as though after you’ve initially got some gains from test only, you dont really get any more unless going into grams of test. Thank you for your reply, I may just top out at 300mg now and add in something else. @blshaw


Yes sir. I’ve ran test only blasts 4x. First two at 500mg and last two at 600mg. Didn’t get much out of last two other than some bloat weight. I’m not willing to up the dose much past that. I have test p / mast p / NPP for my next and possibly last cycle. @Singhbuilder curious would you would recommend dosing wise. I’m gonna run it starting January as that will be 3-4 months off. I’m thinking 300 test / 3-400 NPP / 2-300 mast. I haven’t settled on it though.

I would seriously consider running Mast equal to or higher than NPP to avoid any issues with erections. I ran 350/350 mast/npp my last cycle and I cant say I gained much. I would do NPP at 500mg next to see how it works. So if I did your set up it would look like this 200/500/500 Test/Mast/NPP. Maybe you could get away with Mast a little lower but I’m terrified of NPP pee pee.

I’m actually considering incorporating NPP now at 500mg for 4 weeks until EQ kicks in because I’m not seeing much by way of weight gain at the moment. I thought 300mg test would do something but its pretty crap, “dirty” weight.


@Singhbuilder Thanks for your reply sir. I think I will take your suggestion and up the mast then. That is my primary concern as well as my last bout with Deca went poorly regarding ED. I only have enough for 400mg/wk of each so I will bump each up to that level and leave the test as you’ve suggested. Thanks again!

I’ll jump in here and add what I think is important context regarding NPP. It is significantly stronger than deca. And it can’t all be explained by the difference in ester weight. The one and only study we have for actual nandrolone blood plasma levels shows that NPP spikes way, way above deca at the same 100mg dose. Again, I do not believe that this can be entirely explained by the difference in actual hormone available within each preparation. There’s something about NPP and how quickly it releases that makes it far superior to any other form of nandrolone.

100mg of deca hits just below 400ng/dL and NPP hits right at 800ng/dL. That’s a massive difference.

Wow, thanks for sharing. I had no idea. I looked up ester weights as you said and say they were negligible. I figured they were about the same. Sorry OP for high jacking this thread.