TRT to Regain Strength


Hi, having trouble typing, will be brief.

Very weak, 45 yo, male.

I am considering TRT therapy to help regain strength. I am currently in a hospital bed in a nursing home, and would like to do this as quickly as possible. I have ME/CFS. There are times when my body does not put on strength. I realize that TRT will not help my body enter into a state where it can put on strength. However, when in a state when I can put on strength, I would like to maximize my gains. Given my levels, it seems I could double them and still not be abnormally high. Do you think that doing so would noticeably increase my rate of strength gain?
Do you think that TRT would be appropriate for me in any regard? Thanks.

There’s no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. Whether TRT can help, I can’t say for sure. I have read that CFS occurs after a fever, virus and is caused by the immune system.

As anyone can attest to, when you’re sick, you don’t have energy, because your body is fighting a virus.

TRT can affect the immune system, for better or for worse. When a man has high testosterone and is healthy, women can sense that he has a strong immune system and is ideal to bear her children.

I wish you well.

In the hospital and you’re worried about your gainz? Interesting.

I think TRT could help overall in recovery, but like System said if this is an immune issue don’t think exogenous testosterone would be the best solution. Or at least not by itself.

Good luck

TRT is good.
look into chlorine dioxide/ozone therapy/hyperbaric chamber for CFS.
i highly recommend chlorine dioxide. you can make it easy at home, protocols are out there.
high chance of success