TRT to Get Libido Back While Taking SSRI or SNRI = Disaster

Finely people are fight back.

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I’m confused on the title of this thread. I don’t see TRT mentioned in the article what section is it in?

TRT due to SSRI or SNRI damage causing hormonal and libido issues.

Many guys start TRT to get their libido back. Some guys report they have lost their libido then we find out they are taking these anti depressants.
The article is about how SSRI and SNRI chemically castrate you and neither the drug companies or our doctors are warning us of this and many people want that changed.

If you can find an alternative and there are many. Libido might come back on its own and or TRT might help get it back faster.

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I don’t trust sick care doctors, they have lost my trust forever. I will always do my own research before ever considering a medication.

I’m anti-medication and will only take it if long term health is at risk and I’m unable to fix it naturally. Most people would take the pill option rather than change diet and exercise, the path of least resistance is what most will chose because it easier.


I got fu**** by this as a young man. I lost 7 years or so to this side effect. I quit on my own and got my life back and sex life back and things were great only to have another doctor butcher me during my vasectomy and cause me chronic pain down there 14 years later. When I took Prozac in the late 80’s early 90’s there was no internet and they didn’t know jack sh** about these drugs. I had to figure out on my own that they were causing problems and I had to wean myself off of them with the dumb ass doctor that prescribed that blaming me for all the sexual problems I had when I told him about it. I hate that guy to this day for his ignorance.

I don’t trust doctors either and can anyone blame me. I’ve had my life nearly ruined by two of them. I am hoping that the new approval of Esketamine gets a few more people off of SSRIs and SNRIs. Those drugs cause more problems than people realize. They might help some people better but they make problems where none existed and I think they push a lot of people off the deep end. Not to mention this sort of damage which is horrendous.


My PCP has never PUSHED SSRIs but every year at my physical the nurse asks me about 10 questions in regard to depression. I assume that based on my answers there is an SSRI solution waiting for me. When I went to see an endocrinologist (after my PCP put me on TRT for a total T of 235) and I was feeling so much better the endo said, “well you’d feel better if you were put onto cocaine but that doesn’t mean you have a cocaine deficiency” … only to follow that gem up with “did you ever just consider that you are depressed?” This was after I told him that TRT saved my marriage at the very least and possibly my job.


That’s groupthink nonsense. These guys are easily brainwashed like everyone else by the self interested powers that shape opinions.

Give me an open minded provider any day. There are some out there. I have had some really good doctors and humility, healthy skepticism and open mindedness are their hallmarks.


What an asshat. Did you tell him it’s a damn shame he has no clue what he’s yapping … imagine how many of his patients are suffering…

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Yup and I think allot of comes down To finding a humble and open minded doc who actually wants to help. They forget there decree. Why they even started.

Good grief! You can’t make this stuff up. Did he consider why you may have been depressed? I guess not.


I just found out tonight my wife takes venlafaxine (Effexor) which is and SNRI and one of the drugs mentioned in the report. We’ve been having some climax issues and Defy has been working with us. Her TT and FT are almost double the top of the female range and she has no libido. She never says no when I ask but I knew something was not right.

She has been taking this for several years and says she knows she is addicted big time. When we could no longer affort ACA she had to switched to Kaiser. So for a period of time she ran out. She told me it was really rough an I never knew. Kaiser eventually did give her a script. We are now trying to research something that is not an SSRI or SNRI but just as strong to replace it.


Luckily he moved to NJ after our first appt.

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The circular conversation was apparent and he wasn’t going to be wrong. I was really there to assuage my wife’s concerns that my PCP doesn’t know how to manage TRT (which he doesn’t) so I was just going with the flow. He moved so I don’t have to deal with him anymore. My new endo asks me how I am feeling every time I walk in the door.

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I didn’t realize you could become so dependent on them.

Or they fired his ass haha.


Right on. Those types of docs make me sick.

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Often hormones cannot overcome the side effect of these meds. Good luck, hope she finds a solution.

Thanks Highpull we are researching other drugs that are not in this class and I do believe benzos have the same kind of effect on libido so those are out as well.
A couple that look promissing is Wellbrutrin(Bupropion) SR 150 time released and BuSpar (Buspirone).