TRT to BBing Cycke

Age: 41
Heugt: 6ft
BF: 12%
Weight: 158lbs 10 weeks ago (before 1st cycle), 172lbs current
Training on and off for 20+ years

Was able to get some testosterone and deca prescription due to low Testosterone (high 300s)

Don’t want to go on permanent TRT, just wanted to do a few cycles do beef up since I have always been rather skinny…

1st cycle (10 weeks) just finished this week:
200mg testosterone cypionate + 200mg deca durabulin once per week,
500 units of hcg twice a week,
1.2mg of anastrozole three times per week.

TRT clinic is suggesting me to continue another 10 weeks and take 200mg testosterone cypionate + 200mg deca durabulin split twice a week, 500 units of hcg twice a week, 1.2mg of anastrozole three times per week

Question #1: is this OK to do 20 straight weeks with above mentioned substances and dosages and then take time off or shall I take time off right now (after the first 10 weeks) and before I go on for a second round of 10 weeks?

Question #2: If I were to compress (shorten) this second stretch of 10 weeks into 5 weeks ,doing 400mg instead of 200mg per week of testosterone cypionate + 200mg of Deca per week, would I need to double the dosage of hcg and anastrozole? Reason of me contemplating doing the 400mg/week Test is that I really want to put on some weight on my skinny body…

Question #3: If I change my TRT to this kind of “bodybuilding cycle”, will I need to do PCT or am I taken care of since Im taking anastrozole and hcg DURING cycle? FYI: TRT clinic claims that I don’t need PCT in case I stop, as long as I keep to their recommended dosages…

Please let me know


Good job putting on some beef with that first cycle.

  1. No. If you don’t want to go on TRT, then you need to do your best to recover your natural test production before you mess with it again. Deca is generally not recommended for guys that don’t want to commit to TRT. Ever heard of Deca dick? Are you using a dopamine agonist for prolactin control?

  2. No. Before you take more drugs, I suggest you figure out just what you want. 20 week cycles and deca use does not support the desire to recover natural test production.

  3. If you choose TRT than no, you won’t require PCT, as recovery of your natural Testosterone won’t be neccesary. Check out the TRT forum, and read the stickies.

Thanks “Neoclassical”.

  1. I don’t want to go on TRT, so I will stop right now, recover, and do the second 10 week cycle in a few months…
    I’m not using a dopamine agonist for prolactin control…could you please let me know what product I should use, when, and suggested dose?

  2. Don’t want to go on TRT, just want to do a few cycles to bulk up.

  3. What PCT do you suggest I go on after my first 10 week cycle above mentioned?

Again, your feedback is much appreciated and will take it to heart.

Vielen Dank!

Kein problem, Hier sind Sie willkommen.

Parlodel (bromocriptine), and Dostinex (cabergoline) seem to be the two most common dopamine agonist’s the guys use around here. The dopamine agonist is to be run during cycle, tapered and discontinued during PCT just like you would an AI. Start at a low dose, say .25mg 2 times a week, and work up from there. I’m mildly surprised your TRT clinic didn’t mention the potential rise in prolactin that can occur when using nandrolone. I think most guys on this site will tell you to drop deca altogether. Look into EQ as a possible substitute, or just up your dose of test.

As far as PCT goes, read the SERM & AI sticky. You should wait 3 weeks after your last deca shot, and 2 weeks after your last Test C to begin PCT. Use Nolvadex or clomid or both. An example of a “standard pct” would be something like:

Nolvadex: 4 weeks total (start 3wks after deca, 2wks after test c)

This means 40mg per day for 2wks and 20mg per day for 2 weeks. This may be enough, it may not.

Again, much appreciated…you are a life saver, or shall I say “family-jewels saver” ?

Glad to help!