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TRT to Add HCG or Not?

Hi lads!
New hear so go easy on the flaming lol.

So I started TRT 3 months ago as follows.

33.3cl test prop(100mg) x3 p/w

This sent my test levels through the roof (started at 14.7nmol (just above minimum in uk so doing things myself as no help from doc)then became 71nmol)
Crazy!!so dropped to 20cl test prop x3 p/w.

Anyways I have an AI on hand and can get HCG,but never added from the start as wanted to see if either was actually needed.(perhaps foolish but don’t want to throw meds in from start if I can function without).

Annnnnnnyways my nut sack has resembled a peach stone the last few days and I just cannot cum-like I can get it up but am just not getting the money shot.

Time for HCG??

Get the estrogen under control and testes should drop again, testes are great for gauging E2 levels. If their hanging E2 levels aren’t high, if their pulled up tight E2 is high.

Your at a disadvantage do to no proper E2 testing in your country. Get TT to a reasonable levels and gauge how you feel and pay attention to how your testes are hanging.

Thanks for the reply System lord!
I got my estriadol done before I startedimageimage trt and 2 months in-I had to do this privately also.

I didn’t think it was to high at the time but I guess a lot can change in a month so am due another blood test this week.
Would you crack open the armidex now or after blood work?
I know you will probably say after bloods but this feels awful and the Mrs is not keen either lol.

Test prop has a very short half life. If I was doing my trt privately (which I am not, it’s through a doc), I’d use test cyp, pin sub q 2-3 times per week to keep stable levels, test prop 3x pw will have a bit of a rollercoaster effect. Use this website http://steroidcalc.com/ To figure out how much test will be in your system at any given time. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links or not, if not i’ll remove it. As for HCG, are you concerned about fertility? If you are, add HCG, if not, I don’t think it matters.

Hi,thanks for the advice.
No I’m not to bothered about fertility,I have kids and just about got my life back as are in there teens lol.
I only asked about HCG as the poor performance in the bedroom seemed likely it was my lack of balls fault lol.
So HCG to kick start them back I guess.
I have t.cyp on hand if the prop doesn’t work out but I read although a quicker Ester the results on trt were better than cyp.in that steadier levels were maintained better at 3x p/w and more test was absorbed.
Do you think an AI would sort this predicament?maybe .25 x3 p/w to start?

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TRT doesn’t restore sexual function right away for everyone, I’m only ten months into TRT and erections are still improving this later in the game. You must monitor your levels and keep TT and E2 in range for sexual function to return, we see often guys who spend several months with their levels out of ranges and wonder why sexual function hasn’t returned.

You need to keep E2 between 80-110 pmol/L, any lower or high and erections suffer. Insides of your penis must be repaired, this takes up to 1 year for some.

Can you elaborate?