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TRT Timeline of Effects?

Those of you who started trt already , what was your positive or negative effects after 1 week , 2 weeks etc… I know there is a study on this but everyone is different and i’d like to know what to expect and when .

I felt nothing for the first 4 weeks, lots of tiredness and sleepiness. After 4 weeks I felt a little better cognitively. It wasn’t until 10 weeks in that I started feeling consistently better, I don’t mean fully recovered I mean I started to feel better and continue to feel small improvements each couple of weeks. All the reading I’ve done indicated treatment starts to work sometime between 4-6 weeks but effects become more noticeable some time after the second month with further improvement each month.

I’ve heard few recover much quicker, but isn’t typical. However if you on a dose that’s just too much than you will not feel better anytime soon, I believe there are a lot of people being prescribed too much testosterone which drives the E2 through the roof making you feel worse than before starting TRT. A lot of doctors do not test E2 which is a mistake since it’s converted from testosterone, you can’t have one without the other.

When T increases, and that happens very fast:
FT–>E2 increases
serum E2 increases
T changes gene expression inside of all of your cells
Cellular changes occur
Bulk tissue changes occur
Organ systems change
Patterns of though change in your brain
Libido increases
Elevated E2 can counteract changes in the brain and gains can slip away.

All of these changes take time and one’s age, genetics are major factors. Other health problems and hormone systems play a major role, think about weakest links.

How long one has had low-T matters a lot.
If you were estrogen dominant before TRT, there is a lot more work required to re-wire you brain.

Global generalizations about these things really do not matter when you are a sample of one. Best thing to do is manage E2, general health/nutrition and make sure that thyroid function is good.

After being on TRT for over three months, I have the following positive effects:

  • Increase muscle mass

  • More energy

  • More confident and less anxious

  • Better erections, but diminish libido

I feel much better overall, the only thing that is worst is my libido

Any idea why your libido might be going down? I’ve been more confident after a month too . Seems to be thinking more positive on trt .

Libido is in the brain and subject to many aspects of health.

Major factors:
prolactin if elevated/high
low thyroid function
low cortisol
general health and nutrition

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Do you know any natural ways of increasing libido ?

Horny young women.

Seriously… libido is a state of male health and I outlined some factors above. Add quality of sleep to the list. There is no magic bullet, but often TRT with proper E2 management is the fix and when that does not work, thyroid seems to be the next impediment.

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