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TRT Therapy vs Cycling Question?


37 yr old male with low T. Been on 100 mg of test cyp for about 4 months now. Finally got blood work in check and was able to raise my T levels to around 700. I really like how the test cyp has improved my work outs and muscle growth. I'm sure a lot of it is mental but either way the increased T seems to be working. Quick question, from researching online it seems there are a ton of different types of roids out there. What's the deal with all the variety and do they work differently than Test Cyp. I was curious why most guys on TRT use Test Cyp versus other drugs like Prop or Sustanon, etc. Do these drugs work differntly than test cyp in raising T levels? Also, just using test cyp would I be able to increase dose from time to time to obtain more muscle growth in gym without screwing up my hormone panel too much.



I'm not going to judge your questions but I can tell you once others read this post you're going to get slaughtered on here! Read as much as you can from the posts here and read the TRT threads.