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TRT Therapy After a Stroke?

Ok, I’ve had a few posts lately. I have lots of questions that keep running through my head. Like the post I just written a few seconds ago states I am on my 3rd week of TRT. After my first injection on my left side, after a few days, I felt like a new person. It was almost instant. The doc said I wouldn’t notice anything for probably weeks or months. But after about 1-2 days after my first injection on my left side, I seriously had so much energy, was wide awake (had insomnia for like 3 days but still wide awake all day), and felt amazing, was social… about everything I am normally not. But then about day 5-6, it started to wear off. On day 8, I got an injection on my left side. About the whole week, I felt absolutely no improvement. I went a week. Last night, I got an injection on my right side. This morning, I woke up at 3:30 and was wide awake. Feel like my insomnia is back.

But when I was about 10, I had a stroke on my right side. The stroke affected the left side of my body (right side of brain controls left side of body.) I live a very normal life as a business professional. If I didn’t tell you I had a stroke, you would never notice by looking at me. Sometimes my left eye is a little more droopy than my right eye. My left side is a little more weaker. Maybe more than the normal right hander.

But I’m wondering if that’s why when I had the injection on my left side which probably would’ve fed the right side of my brain where I’ve had major brain injuries (from brain surgery) and my stroke, maybe injections on the left side are worthless.

Or does TRT not matter what side it is in relationship to the brain because it just kind of dilutes into the body?