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TRT? Testosterone Blood Range 6 but High Shbg 61


hi guys i write here last year about my problem whit low testosterone and pituitary (HPT AXIS)problems.
my testosterone whas now after 4-5 mont whas naturally good
5,9 (range 2,1-9,1) before 3-4
lh now 3,8 before 1,8-2,1
e2 32 before 45
shbg 61!before 45-55
cortisole 15/ before 8
acth 12 before 6-8
dhea 300/before 170-200

i do all best thing in the last 4 months for the recovery of my HPT axis.,clear eating,training,low stress.
all things working,my mood,recovery is much better.
but its not the best what can by.
by shgb whas all time tooo high(thyroids and liver and antibodys whas ok!)
thas why my free testosterone whas low…

what can i do whit it(vid d3 i us 4000-8000 i.u)

or starting TRT than whas the must imporent free testosterone on good hing level and shbg whas falling down…

im 39 y.,have 2 kinds…160lb by 5.9 ft…sporty guy train fighting sport

thanks for helping…

target ist have more energy,recovery