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TRT Test Drive

I see a lot of guys on here that are wondering if T is their problem but are afraid to mess with their hormones to find out. I was thinking about this the other day and there is a way around it. A way to test TRT out without screwing HPTA function is Proviron and Adex. I think a good test drive would be 50mg of Proviron a day and .25mg of Adex every other day.

If you see a large improvement then T is your issue. No improvement just discontinue both and you’re back to the same without dealing with suppression. I ran labs when I was on 75mg of Proviron just for my own info and LH and FSH were still within the range where I normally am. Keep in mind Proviron is an oral DHT so mood, sex drive, and function are the things it will improve.

Overall I think it’s a good drug and I use 25mg a day with my TRT. (My personal feeling after a lot of reading is that DHT has ZERO to do with prostate issues. It’s just a load of crap.)