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TRT + tamoxifen 1st month

Guys please HELP!!! my doctor asks me for prolactin tests and testicular ultrasound…She says everything is normal just my Total testostetons is low…i asked her about free testosterone and she said they are normal and in range…she said she will find me some solutions on how to increase muscle mass and retain them due to low testosterone but otherwise she says all tests are completely fine even my LH AND FSH LEVELS!!!
someone tell me what should i do? i have already visted too many doctorsss!!
My lh/fsh levels are:
LH:3.82mIU/mL 1.7-8.6
FSH:1.66mIU/mL 1.5-12.4

Finding a REAL T.R.T doctor is like a needle in haystack.when you do find a REAL one who cares about your Hormones, you have hit the JACKPOT yes.

What doctors have you seen? Any that specialize in TRT? Do you know anyone using TRT? Do you use a gym? A personal referral is the way to go. If you ask around, you’ll find someone on TRT. Some of these trainers may know of someone. Check the internet for local doctors and go in for a consultation, you interview them. I like face to face with the doctor.

You are right regarding your doctor, when they start talking about “normal and in range” and you have symptoms, it’s time to move on.

i have beeen working out for about 3 years with slow gain…6 months ago i started cutting and i felt all low T symptoms even more!!i cant find any TRT doctor in my country…all of the endos here are useless!i have already wasted alot of my budget on them!!!haven’t met or seen anyone here who uses TRT…there are some on steroid cycles though…the reason i came here is because i have seen guys here having knowledge more than any doctor…i just wanted to ask someone here if i can give clomid a try …bcause i dont feel like living most of the time
Any help will be appreciated alot
im an asian so ignore if there is some grammar mistake.Thank you

  1. Can i try clomid after judging all these lab reports?
  2. What can be the reason im suffering from gyno although my estradiol levels are low?

A lot of the guys here have had success with Defy Medical. You might look them up. There is alos prolactin related gyno. That may be your cause.

Normal doesn’t mean shit when you feel like shit. 360 total T and 9 FT is shit. You probably need to be over 600 to feel normal. Some Drs feel unable to help if results are in normal range. (I had a Dr like this). You have to be proactive, keep looking. I can tell you that you don’t really know how crappy you feel until you get your levels back to optimal.

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Thanks for the reply mann
Do defy medical treat people from other countries?

I’m not sure. You best bet is to check out their website.

it only treats people from their country…guess i’ll wait for someone to reply with knowledge about clomid or who is self medicating…after all i’ll have to try this on my own since it looks like i have secondary hypogonadism…i’ll get my prolactin levels and estradiol levels checked again to see whats up with gyno thing and then give clomid a try since clomid increases estrogen levels…thank you so much for your replies…would be happy to know if there are more people to help :slight_smile:

I self medicate. I’m hesitant tell guys to go that direction. I pin 125 2x/week with tamoxifen. Blasts about twice a year.

What do you want to know?

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you have already seen my lab reports i guess…im asking if i am right about that secondary hypogonadism im suffering from…and whether i should go for clomid or anything else rn on my own or should i get more lab results to confirm whats happening?

I think your E2 is already too low. I’d stop the clomid. Plus, a ton of stuff can affect prolactin. You might want to get that retested but I wouldn’t freak out about it. If it were me (and I already did this) I would secure myself some reliable UGL test and start my own treatment starting about 100 - 150 mg a week split into 2 shots. I wouldn’t take any AI but have tamoxifen on hand if estrogen sides began to show themselves. Do that for 6 weeks and reassess how you feel and get some more blood work.

However, I’m sure there are other guys on here who have their own protocol. Go read everything from @physioLojik to get educated.

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You mean tamoxifen shots and not test injections right?sorry i look like a dumb guy…
i read that clomid actually increases estradiol which is good for me i guess …if it increases too much i can try that blocker smthng…is their any difference between tamoxifin and clomid other than that estrogen thing? is their any thread about how you started all this? i would def read that to see what you were suffering through
and just wanted to tell im only 19 and want to give this clomid thing a try since it does not affect fertility
Thanks again mann for the reply

  1. No, tamoxifen is an oral SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) which blocks estrogen from occupying receptor sites on cells, primarily breast tissue cells but still all cells.

  2. Clomid has been shown to increase Test by reducing estrogen but it can cause problems. You need to do your research on these. There are a ton of websites with good info. Look up Bill Roberts online and read his stuff.

  3. Sorry did not know you were so young. Yes, TRT can definitely affect fertility. Have you had a full work up? physical in addition to blood to check for issues with your testicles?

Clomid should help you increase your T and Estrogen levels but when it does it can cause gyno as well. How do you know you have gyno??

Did you have an MRI done?? for your pituitary gland.

these are all the tests i had…i will have have a testicular ultrasound this week since my doctor asked for it…but to me it kinda looks like a secondary one
i was reading that ‘clomid only’ thread here and read alot of positive reviews about clomid…i’ll definitely read that stuff you told

doctor basically confirmed that its not fat on the lower side of my chest but some tissuess…in short gyno…
nope no MRI since my doctor is calling all these reports normal so i’ll have to treat myself on my own…is MRI really important? thanks for replying

physioLojik is a trained Endo who is also a competitive BBer who uses steroids.

i’ll read his threads
thanks alot

What are the ranges for LH and FSH??