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TRT Syringe Type - Losing Medication

I have Been on TRT replacement for a month after having my Testerone being consistently under 300 for a year now. After requesting from my My family doctor that I get on TRT he prescribed me .5ML one time a week via self injection into the muscle . I did a ton of research before I talked to him and told him I would like to do 1ML a week split into 2 shots and administered subcutaneously because I felt that would keep my T even through the week and would be a better way to deliver the meds. He stated it wont work unless I did it in the muscle and to do half twice a week via the thigh muscle and he did not want me start with that much T which from my research is not to much and a good starting point but being he would not listen to me he prescribed me 0.5 ml a week which I am splitting into .25 ml twice a week. I ignored his desire for me to inject in the muscle and decided to do two injections at .25 ml subcutaneously.
I bought a smaller 1cc syringe and also started using a 5/8 needle and inject it into the fatty part of my stomach. Only issue I have is a lot T is left in the tip of the syringe and is wasted IMO. I could draw more T to compensate but then I will run out of my T before it is do to refill and dont want to risk having to go a long period not having it waiting for the time I have to refill is available. I have include a picture of the needle and syringe I am using and if you look at the tip it still has some T still in the tip and the needle that I can not get out when I am injecting. Seems like a lot of waste. thumbnail%20(1) Any suggestions? thumbnail

You could pull a little air bubble in to compensate.

Interesting. How would I get a bubble under the T ?

Insulin syringes. The ones I use the only waste is what’s in the 5/16" 30g needle

Testosterone cypionate comes in many strengths (100-200mg) and are listed in mg, please describe dosing in mg otherwise we don’t know how much testosterone you are injecting and only causes us to scratch our heads.

A lot of us use (27-29G) insulin syringes which have no wasted product in the tip once we are done injecting. I’ve have used 27G and 29G and while the 27G is easier to fill, I prefer the 29G for painless injection even though it takes a little longer to fill.

Sure SubQ works, there are companies that have patented SubQ auto-injectors that are on the market, but don’t allow you to fill them for reuse.

TRT is a new field of medicine for your average GP, endocrinologist and urologist (sick care) and will often make untrue and even ridiculous statements which just shows these doctors elected to skip the optional education in sex hormones after medical school and are operating in the dark.

A few hours of self education on these forums, the patient will be more informed than their own doctor managing their TRT, frightening that we have someone like this managing our health.

I would take this time and post all pre-TRT or most recent labs and take advantage of advice of so many of our knowledgeable members.

I guess youd have to be laying down. I hadnt thought this all the way through. They do have low waste syringes out there but they always waste a little bit. I also believe that vials are slightly overfilled to make up for this. You’ll probably be fine.

On a side note, I never got slip tips to work at all…the needles always blew off the syringes during injection.

Here is what I bought. I thought these where insulin syringes.

1cc Tuberculin Syringe, 1cc 25g X 5/8", With Detachable Needle, Luer-slip

You will waste medicine with those 25G syringes, it must be an insulin syringe 26G or smaller.

Here’s the optimization of small needle size (27 g) for sub-q injection, “insulin” syringe for minimal dead space (these have the proboscis to eject almost all oil in syringe), and injection speed. 20 bucks total for 100 syringes/needles. Takes about 30-45 sec to load 0.25 mL of TC. Enjoy!



I’ll throw my 2 cents in here since I was really worried about waste as well. I use the 27g 1/2in 1cc syringes with the tiny needle attached, and there is no waste that I can see, compared to the lock or slip on needles. The only down side is collecting and disposing of 7 syringes a week (daily injections). But now the waste issue is fixed.

Those are insulin syringes. I get them sometimes from a diabetic friend. He doesn’t like that needle length but they come with his insulin and supplies. Never had a problem, that little rubber stopper on the plunger protrudes to limit waste to only what the actual needle contains. Just make sure that the tip is pushed on good and inject slow.

You dont want luerloc they all have deadspace. Easytouch. Or BD ultrafine .5 cc has more accurate readings in 29 or 30g 1/2" or 5/16" it would take probably 100 shots to waste .01ml

Is this right for my dosage?

Test e vial 200 mg/ml
5ml vial

dosage E3.5 days 160mg @ 80mg ea 3.5/7 * 160 = 80mg ea injection /200 = .4ml
switching to EOD “shallow muscle injections” via 28g .5cc 1/2" insulin needle.

dosage EOD =45mg or 2/7 * 160mg= 45.7mg per injection
45.7mg/200 = .23ml.

I believe .23ml is 23 units in a .5cc insulin needle? Please correct me if I am wrong as I do not want to inject incorrect amount of T

If the units on the syringe only go up to 50 then yes. I inject 40mg eod which is .2ml i draw to 20 units on my .5cc 30g

No, laying down is not necessary. The oil is thick enough to not let the air bubble move quickly. It only needs to be very slightly angled down to keep the bubble at the top.

The best way to not waste is to use an insulin syringe. However you still own these so might as well use them up. When I did it this way, I figured out my needle waste was 0.04ml. I drew my syringe to 0.04ml less than my dose and then an air bubble .06-.08ml to make sure to push out all the oil.

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The reason I care about waste is my Doctor has me on 0.5ml a week via injection. I decided to break it into 2 doses a week at .25 ml per suggestions of others. I feel this is to low of a dose and I sure as hell don’t want to waste any in the needle. I don’t really feel any better or notice any differences after a month being on this dose. When I initially saw my doctor I requested that I start at 1ml a week which my plan was to break that down to 2 .50ml shots a week which in my research seemed to be a good starting dose. He of course declined and wanted to start me at a lower dose. This is also the same doctor that told me to put it in the muscle because subcutaneous wont work. Then he stated he has been doing this for 32 years. He is a family MD and is not specialized in TRT therapy of course. In my head of was thinking arrogant ahole as I walk out the door. FYI my testosterone had been testing out at 260-280 over the last year before start TRT a little over a month ago.

That’s a normal starting dose. Its 100mg if you are using 200mg/ml