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TRT Support, Dr Won't Help

I’m in my second month of TRT. Prior to starting, blood work was done and my TT was at 390. The first month was a “lets see what happens” by my Dr. I was on T Cyp, 200mg/mL, once a week. Was not given an AI or SERM by the Dr. Instead, she told me to take saw palmetto @ 600mg per day. After the 4 weeks, levels were checked again and my TT was at 350, and my E was at 46.

She flat out accused me of not using the test. After reassuring and convincing her that I truly had used it, as she directed, she has now prescribed 300mgs/mL a week for 12 weeks. Again, no AI or SERM. Told to take the saw p at 1200mgs daily. I was given 1.5" 22ga for the injections. I can get .5" or 1", 25’s by Monday though. These larger ones suck.

Now that you know a little background, my question is about the AI and SERMs. I’m stuck with this Dr…It’s through the VA if that tells you anything. She is stuck on this saw p and won’t prescribe anything else. This is on a time crunch with follow up appts already set to recheck levels in Nov, so I don’t want to get too far into this without everything I need. What should I take along with this, and at what dosage? Thanks for the help.