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TRT Success Story Beginning

I know forums are often full of people with issues looking for help and resolution. I’ve just started TRT, but fully expect it to be successful, so I figured I’d start tracking a little bit here so that anyone looking has another point of reference.

I started TRT because I had a lot of the classic symptoms. I was not distraught and suffering like a lot of people are pre-TRT, though. My symptoms were mild. My wife and I were just talking one day about how different my mood, personality and physicality were from several years ago when we got married. That conversation made me realize just how much things had changed. I had also had 3 blood tests in the past 6 months, and all of them had my testosterone come back at the very low end of the range.
I also figured that even if my symptoms were not terrible, maybe I could be better. Optimize. So, here we are.

I’m 42, 6’4" and 200 lb. I’m a little light at the moment. In the past 3 years I’ve been as light as 180 lb, and as heavy as 240. This weight fluctuation has all been on purpose; one of the few things I’m pretty good at is knowing how to manipulate my nutrition for results and being disciplined enough to follow it.

(I’ll post my pre-TRT bloodwork below) My starting TRT protocol is 30 mg Test-Cyp injected IM every day. This is what was recommended by my doctor, and I told him I’d give it a try. We’ll see how long I’m able to keep up with that. I’m using 29 ga 1/2” syringes, and so far have just been alternating delts. No issues or pain so far.

I now train primarily for strength. I’ve always been a gym rat, but only started training for strength and training properly in early 2018. My “strength” numbers are not impressive, but if the goal is to be better than I used to be, then we’re accomplishing that. I have achieved a 1000-pound SBD gym total (not competition). I’m working my way back up because I had to take some time off for a surgery this winter. I’ve always been a tall, skinny dude.

Like most of us, I have a lot of chronic pain from my haphazard youth and the resulting broken bones and dislocated joints, but it’s nothing that stops me from carrying on with my current life. It just leads to surgeries to correct things that put me out of commission occasionally.

I have not felt any difference on TRT yet, but I’m on a small daily dose and have only injected 4 times. I am patient.

Very generous dr. Wonder what he will do when your labs will most likely be way over range.

That’s not a small dose when you consider the total amount per week. Testosterone is not like insulin, you’ll need a couple of weeks to notice anything, probably a bit longer since you’ve injected only 120mg over four days rather than 200mg the first day. Most report feeling better in two to four weeks.

Patience is good. Looking forward to hearing how you do. Good luck.

I see what you did there:) His Doc will most likely see a huge jump in T levels alone and then decide to cut his dose to half or something extreme which will cause a cascade of issues due to a big drop in hormone intake. So best thing for the OP to do is watch out for drastic changes like those. 210mg/wk is up there although I take 220mg/wk. When I come down on dose I gradually work my way back down to 160mg/wk. No less. Be patient on the way up, and be very patient if ordered to come down. Happy TRT’ing!

Since this is meant to be a log, I’ll post, but I have nothing to report yet, as expected. I’m one week in and have not felt/noticed anything different, except that I give myself a shot each morning. For documentation purposes, I’ll also note what I forgot in my OP: My doctor also has me supplementing with DHEA, pregnenolone, Vitamin D and melatonin. Also I’ll document my pre-TRT bloodwork:

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