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TRT - SubQ vs IM?

Hi all,

Apologize for the long post in advance.

I’ve been a lurker for a while, and I definitely I don’t mean to beat a dead horse on this topic, but I’m starting trt/hcg back up and would like to get insight on the easier, yet effective method.

When I first started in trt in the beginning of 2019, the injection site were my thighs, per doctors instruction. After a few months, I decided to switch to my glutes, due to I kept hitting veins in my legs, and the weekly injections were becoming pain…literally . But even the glutes were challenging.

I’ve seen dr crisler’s video and have read members on here inject trt SubQ (subcutaneous, correct?) their love handles or belly using 27-30g, 1/2” needles, as opposed to IM in thighs or glutes.

Is SubQ method as effective as IM? Is SubQ into glutes an option? Any issues with lumps or bubbles under the skin?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

*Note: I will be injecting 100mg twice a week, and hcg once.

The short answer is there isn’t a 1 size fits all answer on this. You’re going to have to try it and see what works for you.

Some people prefer SubQ and do just fine on it. Some people get lumps and no results from it.

Some people prefer IM and do fine on that. Some people have issues with the injections being painful/less results, don’t like that many IM injections, etc.

My opinion is IM is the more tried and true method but there are people that prefer subQ. I use a 30g 1/2" insulin syringe and inject in the delt (IM) 3x a week. The thin skin there makes it easy to use a small needle and still get to the muscle. I’ve been doing that about a year and it works fine for me. 30g is small enough to not hurt so that helps.

You’re probably just going to have to try and see what works for you. I never felt like I was taking anything when I did subQ, switched to IM and I at least felt like something was happening pretty quickly after that.

What about HCG? Is HCG effective injected IM? I think it is labeled for SubQ, but don’t know a reason why it wouldn’t work in muscle?

The studies I’ve seen on it show it actually being slightly stronger when injected via IM but I haven’t done much research on it nor is it common in the TRT world. It’ll be fine though, IMO anyways.

I should probably do a few weeks of the HCG. I am pinning delts now too. Really hurt a lot in the beginning, but now I am used to it (formally subQ belly fat).

Let’s say i were to use a 30g 1/2” into my glutes, would that be considered an IM injection, being it’s half an inch shorter than what I normally use?

I think for most they would need to be shredded for IM in glutes with a 1/2" needle.

I doubt that’d be IM there.

I just did my first IM glute injection with 25g 1/2” since last November. Wasn’t as bad as I remember. I also injected hcg SubQ into my love handle as well for the first time. So far so good…

I just noticed I received a 6000iu bottle, as opposed to a 5000iu, but I used 5ml of bac water. In order to get 50 units per injection, should I still keep the units at the 50 mark on the needle?

Not sure if the extra 1000 effected the concentration.

I mean… if you have more stuff, and you dilute with the same amount of liquid, you’re going to end up with more concentrated stuff…

You have 1200 IU’s per ml now instead of the usual 1000. Adjust the amount you inject accordingly. I.e. decrease it by 1/6th.

So would I take 40 units instead of 50 due to the increase of total IU?

That’s close enough. 480 vs 500 units. 41.6 would be exactly the same as previous.