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TRT Sub-Q vs IM levels


I'm currently taking 200mg test cyp injections once every two weeks (200mg/1ml). Toward the end of the two weeks I don't feel as good as I did during the first week. I would really like to try the sub-q e3d route but I have a concern about how my levels will come back. My doctor wants to check my level a week after an injection to make sure my levels don't go too low over the course of the two weeks but if I start doing sub-q on my own and my levels are higher than he expects I'm afraid he will want to lower my dosage thinking my level must be way too high at the start of the two weeks. I think I may be able to talk him into weekly 100mg IM injections but theres no way he will go for sub-q. So my question is with once a week IM should the highs and lows be close enough to not raise any red flags? On a side note my doctor called in my test and syringes, he gave me 21ga 1.5" needles, I ordered 23ga thin wall 1.5" and 29ga 1/2" 1/2cc insulin syringes off the internet, either way I think I'm done with the 21ga.


So I think that may be a dumb question now that I think about it. If its a once weekly shot will the highs/lows even be relevant anymore?


Try the 31 gauge needles, and inject every other day. Sub Q is fine.


You could get a doctor that isn't stuck in the stone age...every two weeks is fucking stupid protocol...if he is giving you the green light to do your own injections, why would he have a problem with how frequently you dose them? Your concerns seem irrational, and if they ARE rational given what you know about your doc, you need a new doc...

Just pin them SC and tell him you are doing it IM...it won't make a difference...

You need to inject no LESS than twice a week, btw...this is due to the half lives of the T esters...since your doc doesn't care to understand this, it is incumbent upon you to do so....that is, if you care about your well being

21 gauage? seriously? jesus christ...29/30 gauge insulin pins work just fine for SC and IM (in leaner muscles, such as deltoids and quads)....your doc appears clueless


This is actually my second trt doctor my first was a urologist who put me on a gel which seemed to be working at first but I must have stopped absorbing, it was like turning off a switch. So he started me on injections but he had no interest in letting me inject I had to go to his office every two weeks and he said he wanted to eventually go to once every 4 weeks.

So I found an endo who at least lets me inject myself but when I asked about injecting more than once every 2 weeks he seemed pretty close minded about it which spurred my somewhat irrational fears of him thinking my dosage was off as he doesn't comprehend why anyone would want to inject more often than every 2 weeks.

I think I can work with this doctor at least, my options are kind of limited being in Iowa where the entire state is 10 years behind the rest of the country. And yeah 21 ga. I have no idea why from everything I've read online I probably could get by with 25g even for IM and still have ok load times.


Its amazing these people are allowed to practice medicine

ummm ok...but did you think I was trolling you or setting you up for unacceptable load/injection times when I recommended the 29/30 gauge insulin pins? There is a reason that is the recommendation on both the TRT and Steroid forums for injecting T...it works, despite what people who don't know what they're talking about post on forums


No I didn't think you were trolling that was me being distracted/not reading your post completely. 29ga IM I dont think I'd even feel!


Yes, it is very convenient...especially if dosing regularly...if you want to inject Sub-Q, you might even go for the 1/3" needle (it holds less volume but probably isnt a problem since you wouldnt be inject a ton of fluid into SC fat anyway)...


For anyone confused, I'm pretty sure that VTBalla34 meant 1/3ml (1ml is the same as 1cc) syringe. Just bought a box of .5 cc, 30 ga. x 5/16" needles myself. The lower volume doesn't affect the injection, but it does help to draw the viscous T into the syringe a little more easily.


I actually meant the length, not the volume, but looking at it now I realize I probably had the length wrong....What I was tryin to convey was that there is a needle that is shorter than the standard 1/2" and is more appropriate for injecting SC (1/2" is more appropriate for shallow IM)...I think the length though is actually 5/16" and not 1/3"...my mistake


I was on 200 Mg weekly - I started feeling shit around day 5 - I called my dr, and started essentially doing 1/2 the dose every 4 days - worked like a charm....stopped the rollercoaster.