TRT Stopped Teste Pains?

Yes, I have read some information on that today. I could try 10mg of nolvadex ED and see how it goes. But I feal I have to start by letting by body ajust to hcg first and do BW.
I’m injecting one day befor my test cyp. and it seams to help. I take one drop of anastrozole whit hcg and one drop whit my test cyp.
I will be trying the nolvadex if things do not improuve, I myth even cycle then later on.

Thanks for all the advice.

Hi @KSman
I seam to have another bizarre reaction on hcg. After the third injection I started to notice a rash on my back and then on my chest. After my fourth shot I notice that my privat parts were itching to. I have pinple and it’s itching to a certain degree.
I’m doing a iodine reload at the same time and to add to the variable I use a public spa one week ago.
Never add this reaction befor. For the record, we were abouth 12 using the spa and I was the only one that add that rash. And I do recal starting to itch befor the spa.

I read that some on the hcg diet add similare reaction. I’m not on a 500 cal. a day and do not inject 250iu a day. But I tend to over react to almost every thing. I also read that I could use a antifongus. I’m testing this solution at the moment and seam to be working.

Is this a commun side effect, I don’t tink so?

The hcg I’m using is not phamaceutical. I bought that at Enhanced. … Is it the real deal?

Ok! Is it time to stop hcg. My skin start to flair-up on the next day of injection. I only took 200iu this time. The itching add started to go away. I could try benadryl today not sure, will this helps? I’m tinking alergic reaction.

So after the fifth injection I decided to stop and test my hcg wiht a pregnancy test. It turned out all negatif, the 3 vials are BS. I don’t know wath the hell I was injecting my self with but it sure not hcg. Thanks for notting M. Pionnier of evolution !

I’m not from any of the states you mention. Does this apply to none us residence ? Or can I just Walk in and get my blood drawn and get my BW done.

In the services USA states, you pay for and get the Labcorp lab order and walk in. First see if there is a Labcorp draw station near you.

I have droped hcg for now, I will be looking for a New and ledgit supplier. My next lab will be in june, so trying to stabilise until then. I’m unsure of wath was in this vials, but was not hcg. It mest-up my energy level , motivation in the gym, feeling depressed and itching like crazy for the last couple of week’s . Starting to feal better after having a massive headache last night but still itching.

Did you mix that hCG with BA water, 0.9& benzyl alcohol?

Yes, I bought the BA watter at the same time and from the same compagnie. I mixted it and then proceded with the test. All 3 bottels were tested and were negatif on the pregnancy test. I sent then a video and a couple of emails. They contacted me and proceded with a full refun. They tolded me that hot temperature could be a factor during shiping. I know the powder is not sensitif to heat but once it as bean reconstituted this rule change. Then and only then heat can destroid it. This is a bogust explanation…
So back to scare one.

My doctor refuses to prescribe me HCG. At least he finally agreed to anastrozole. Everybodys body is different, but I don’t trust internet medications. I am going through a new fun thing, when I sleep I wake up sweating a hour to 2 hours in and sucks. Even with AC on I sweat. I wasn’t a person who sweat hardly ever before TRT except when really hot out or physical exercise. Now I seem hotter more but body temp is still normal for me.

What was the cause of your frequent urination? Prostate enlargement?

Yes internet is not the best place to buy hcg but at leat you can test it, to sea if it’s legit. And for the hot flasches, it could be from to mutch testo at the same time. I got the same exact reaction befor I started to split my testosterone injection in two. I inject every 3.5 day’s but if I up the dose , I will get hot flasches.

Hi lexer, i tink it was from caffein. I’m not a Coffee drinker so caffein as a tramendus effect on me. I use to take caffein cap plus a pre-workout. It ad a big desitratation effect on me and probably wreak my digestion and intestin. I completely stop using all thos products. It took time to feal better, but now, evert thing is back to mormal.

Your right, was high T, my T level was 1200, hot flashes gone now.

Good, Im happy you got that under control.